Monday, August 13, 2012

Say Goodbye - Live @ Radiobeat-WERS, Boston 03-05-2005

                                        Originally posted September 29, 2011

                         This recording I recieved from Old Fast & Loud, radio set from 2005 at
                         Radiobeat. Was fairly easy to edit, except for the fact that the last 3
                         tracks were damaged. With the kind help and knowledge of Mr. Old
                         Fast & Loud, he was able to repair the damaged tracks. Very underated
                         band, members went on to play in Waste Management, Rampage, and
                         Mind Eraser. Grab this one, great Boston band !
                                      01 Intro - They Have Their Place
                                      02 Smoke Screen
                                      03 Radio Break 1
                                      04 Four More Years
                                      05 You Make No Difference
                                      06 Question Everything
                                      07 Radio Break 2
                                      08 You Don't Get It
                                      09 Radio Break 3
                                      10 The Chains
                                      11 Bastardized
                                      12 Spectacle


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scare Tactic - Live On CIUT, Toronto-Canada 11-3-2001 (pre-Career Suicide)

                      The last four posts are re-posts from earlier in this blog's history.
                      They were requested again because of old Mediafire account
                      being R.I.P.
                      These were requested by my bud Chad from S.B.V., who were
                      an awesome ripping fast HC/posi-core band from San Diego !
                      S.B.V. were also on my compilation, a collaboration with
                      Spactic Fantasic Records, Thrash Up My Ass! Very cool dude,
                      I met Chad a few years back when they played Showcase Theatre
                      in Corona with Bold. He came up to me after S.B.V. played,
                      and complimented me on my hand drawn old school shirt.
                      My nephew and I talked to him for a bit, very down to earth dude !
                      Anyway, here are the posts he requested, and hope to see S.B.V.
                      make a comeback in the near future !

                                              Originally posted October 5, 2011


                    This one was sent to me years ago by Mr. Old Fast & Loud, totally forgot
                     about it til a couple of days ago. Featuring members that would go on to
                     play in Career Suicide, Fucked Up & Mad Men. Great fast and angry
                     hardcore, with some fastcore added to the mix ! They also have a
                     Self Titled 7'' from 2001, and were on the Toronto City Omnibus
                     comp. Awesome band, you definitely need to grab this one !
                       01 P.S.... I Love You
                       02 I Never
                       03 Step Right Up
                       04 Broken
                       05 Shut It Off
                       06 First To Fall
                       07 Time To Take A Fucking Vacation
                       08 Sick of Fun
                       09 Whatever's Left
                       10 Pretty Occupied
                       11 Push My Luck
                       12 My Dad Met Black Sabbath and Didn't Know Who They Were
                       13 Our Voice Pro Choice
                       14 Jimmy Swaggart Stuck His Pee Pee In My Poo Poo (Sons of Ishmael)


Male Nurses - Demo + cover (2008) Boston

                                              Originally posted September 19, 2011

                This came out on a blog, can't remember which blog, but eventually posted on
                a couple blogs as 1 track, with no track info. I was able to split the demo, no
                problem, but took a while to find the actual correct track listing. This is the
                original demo, plus a cover track added. Kick ass demo, enjoy !

                          01 Pathetic and Useless
                          02 Endless Decay
                          03 Stuck Inside Myself
                          04 Dear Sirs
                          05 Red, White & Blue
                          06 3 Seconds of Pleasure (Sick Pleasure) 


Fairplay - Up My Ass tape (98') pre-Fairfuck (Oslo, Norway)

                                              Originally posted December 22, 2011

                       There were many cool bands in Norway from the
                       90's that inspired alot of the bands that came out in the last 10
                       years. Here are a few of the early bands ! Hopefully I will get
                       more great ones in the near future to post on here. If you are a
                       fan of straight edge, definitely grab the last 4 posts, you won't
                       be disappointed ! Fairplay went on to become Fairfuck, a band
                       most hardcore fanatics know and love !!!!!

                             01 Narrow Mind
                             02 Success
                             03 Not Me
                             04 Bottled Violence (Minor Threat)
                             05 Growth
                             06 Fairplay


Stillborn Christians - Demo (1983) North Carolina

                                           Originally posted August 11, 2011

Awesome band, and very rare Demo ! Honestly I don't remember where I found this one, most people who know about this band might remember them from the Why Are We Here compilation on No Core.
I was able to come up with most of the track titles, but can't find a couple. These guys remind me kind of a cross between Rebel Truth and The Minutemen, hardcore but with some progressive funk/punk as well, damn good stuff !
This is the only picture of them I could find, can't find Demo cover.

                                           01 New Right
                                           02 Eggs, Glass
                                           03 Communist Call
                                           04 Farce
                                           05 Dogs
                                           06 Money - 07 Kill
                                           08 My Own Man
                                           09 Agression

                                          Reposted Link 12/10/2017