Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fairplay - Up My Ass tape (98') pre-Fairfuck (Oslo, Norway)

                                              Originally posted December 22, 2011

                       There were many cool bands in Norway from the
                       90's that inspired alot of the bands that came out in the last 10
                       years. Here are a few of the early bands ! Hopefully I will get
                       more great ones in the near future to post on here. If you are a
                       fan of straight edge, definitely grab the last 4 posts, you won't
                       be disappointed ! Fairplay went on to become Fairfuck, a band
                       most hardcore fanatics know and love !!!!!

                             01 Narrow Mind
                             02 Success
                             03 Not Me
                             04 Bottled Violence (Minor Threat)
                             05 Growth
                             06 Fairplay


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