Monday, August 13, 2012

Say Goodbye - Live @ Radiobeat-WERS, Boston 03-05-2005

                                        Originally posted September 29, 2011

                         This recording I recieved from Old Fast & Loud, radio set from 2005 at
                         Radiobeat. Was fairly easy to edit, except for the fact that the last 3
                         tracks were damaged. With the kind help and knowledge of Mr. Old
                         Fast & Loud, he was able to repair the damaged tracks. Very underated
                         band, members went on to play in Waste Management, Rampage, and
                         Mind Eraser. Grab this one, great Boston band !
                                      01 Intro - They Have Their Place
                                      02 Smoke Screen
                                      03 Radio Break 1
                                      04 Four More Years
                                      05 You Make No Difference
                                      06 Question Everything
                                      07 Radio Break 2
                                      08 You Don't Get It
                                      09 Radio Break 3
                                      10 The Chains
                                      11 Bastardized
                                      12 Spectacle



  1. thank you so much!do you know if they ever released anything besides the st & antisocial ep?and if yes do oyu have any link for their shit?I could try to rip those 7 inches if you want.

    keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks man, I have everything by them, and then some ! I have the biggest collection of new and old HC around. If you are interested, I can hook you up with alot of great HC ! You can contact me here: