Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pompous Hardcore - Unofficial Discography (Fresno, California)

                           Ridiculously good powerviolence band led by Fresno's infamous
                           Lonnie Potbag.
                           He was also in bands such as: Straight Edge Kegger (freakin'
                           love SXE Kegger!), Hatemail Killerz, Social Nonsense, and some
                           other bands i'm not too familiar with.
                           Really don't know much about these guys other then they did a
                           split with AxRxMx.
                           I did write to someone recently on a Fresno bandcamp site that sent
                           me their Demo or EP, which is awesome, cause not much info exists
                           on this band.
                           I also added a Live set of theirs from 2007, from Visalia, California.
                           That's about all I know :)
                           Anyway, here it is, 10 studio tracks, & 10 Live tracks, some of which
                           are untitled.
                           If anyone knows anything about Pompous Hardcore, please write me in
                           the Comments section here.
                           01-05 tracks from split with AxRxMx
                           06-10 tracks from 5 Stupid Fucken Anthems (Demo or EP ?)
                           11-20 Live @ Magoos Pizza, Visalia-Ca. 2007


V.A. - Richmond To Raleigh And Back (Brandon Farrell Tribute Mixtape)

                                         Tribute mixtape to Brandon Farrell !

                                         01 No Labels - Still the same
                                         02 Honor Role - War
                                         03 Stillborn Christians - New Right
                                         04 God's Will - Lynard Skynhead
                                         05 Absense Of Malice - Just Another
                                         06 Lackey Die - No Choice
                                         07 Bloodmobile - Little Boy Blue
                                         08 Unseen Force - Sermon
                                         09 Hoit - A.C.A.V.
                                         10 White Cross - I'm Not Listening
                                         11 Subculture - Le Chartier's Principle
                                         12 M.N.P. - Ending Faster
                                         13 F.V.K. - With This Gun
                                         14 C.O.C. - Indifferent
                                         15 The Landlords - Mutant Hang Out
                                         16 Colcor - No Work
                                         17 No Rock Stars - Thrash
                                         18 Front Line - D.W.I.
                                         19 Graven Image - Stereotype
                                         20 Void - Go South


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

R.I.P. Brandon Farrell (1984 - 2016)

                                No idea what happened, no words to convey the sadness !
                                No media release as of yet as to how he died.
                                To remember how fragile life is, here's a post from No Way
                                Records from 2012:

                                Feb. 18th 2012                                
                                No Way Records

                                Alright so since Lauren and I are having twins we've had 

                                to cancel some releases, etc....but we got test presses for 
                                the Impalers demo ep which is a split release w beach impediment.
                                Coming out soon!


                                1984 - 2016

                                                He will be most definitely missed !!!!!
                            Peace and deepest condolences to his family & band members !

                                                               Direct Control 
                                                          Government Warning
                                                              Municipal Waste
                                                                Wasted Time
                                                              Major Damage
                                                              Career Suicide 
                                                            Reason Of Insanity

                                              No Way Records & Vinyl Conflict
                              ...and i'm sure there are probably more bands i'm not
                               mentioning or are escaping my brain at the moment.

                                                   Peace & much love Brother !!!!!