Sunday, January 16, 2022

V.A. - Hit Mania Violence II - Violence Still Remains (2021)

Second Hit Mania Violence compilation, this one is a mix of Eurpean bands. Shout out to my friends Attila (Crippled Fox), Totothrasher (A.N.F.), and Viki (Sheeva Yoga). Known them for a long time. Love those dudes & all their bands ! Another great newer comp, this thing shreds !!!!! 01. A.N.F. - Do you know that powerviolence isn't actually metal? (Palermo-Sicily) 02. Crippled Fox - No Negative Bullshit (Budapest, Hungary) 03. ill! - Fliesentisch (Münster, Germany) 04. Lovgun - Pyjama Party (Lyon, France) 05. Louisxarmstrong - Llenties del passat (Barcelona, Spain) 06. Medication Time - T.H.T.I.N.T.W.C.O.F. (Lučenec, Slovakia) 07. Ona Snop - 7 Songs (1. Wurzel's Car 2. Sour Taste 3. Royoy! 4. Ona Snop (instrumental) 5. Fogged Out 6. Take Care Soon 7. Unfair Funfair) Leeds, UK 08. Sheeva Yoga - Až nad hlavu (Ostrava, Czech Republic) 09. Skiplife - Life Ruiner Social Club (Prague, Czech Republic) 10. Turtle Rage - The Big Picture (Berlin, Germany) 11. We Sleep - ALC II (Hamburg, Germany) 12. Youth Crusher - Ζήσε σαν γέρος (Athens, Greece) Link:

Existench - Year One Session 2000 (Halifax-Nova Scotia, Canada)

Talking with my friend Drock lately about all sorts of past history hardcore, been great reminiscing old times ! We both grew up in different scenes & countries, but had surprisingly basically the same taste in music/bands at the times those genres pretty much first started. We were both bored with Punk, and needed something more potent and agressive. Hardcore. Black Metal/Speed Metal were the answers to our boredom in the early 80's, then later came Grind, Crust, Powerviolence, Noisecore. My tastes seeming to evolve into faster crazier stuff, as did Drock's :) Although I was in 2 Hardcore bands from 81'-83', I didn't stick with playing in bands after 83'. 2017 I got back into it with Powerviolence band from Oxnard, Ca. Culpa. I was bass player for about 6 months & 4 shows, before the drummer wanted to call it quits for a while when he was about to have his first baby. Last show was 2018. Now he has 2 kids, but the band is still not active at the moment. Drock on the other hand has been active in bands for a long long time, more than 30 years of constant dedication ! He has been at the forefront of great Canadian bands such as Disabuse, System Shit, Existench, The Shitheads, and a whole lot more I can't remember, and might not even know about :) I think Drunktank was one of those projects, more along the lines of Punk if I can remember correctly. Anyway, he recently put up an Existench session on You Tube. They were going to put it out as a powerviolence project called Clint Eastwood way back in around 2000, but never used the session, it remains unreleased. It is made up of previously released Existench songs from year one of the band re-recorded. I asked Drock if I could put this session on here, I absolutely love this recordinng ! He said all good man ! Known Drock a long time now from Soulseek music program & our good buddy xDembonesx. Love Drock, he's a true Hardcore dude & a true friend ! 01 Used 02 Time For Change 03 Hope? 04 The Other Side Of The Coin 05 Harassed 06 Addiction 07 Waste Of Time Link:

Friday, January 14, 2022

V.A. - Knochen KT100 Compilation Cassette (2020) Knochen Tapes (Germany)

Awesome compilation from Knochen Tapes, their 100th release. Great powerviolence & grind from different areas of the world. My good friends A.N.F. and Sordo amongst an array of other killer bands ! Grab this one ! 01 world peace - fare thee well (oakland -sf) 02 d.o.e - friendly advice (wil, switzerland) 03 nothing clean - not dead (leicester,uk) 04 depraved - hatred species (sfv-los angeles) 05 sordo - glove flavoured (el rio-oxnard) 06 lifes - unsedated suffocation (milwaukee, wisconsin) 07 weak ties - illusion of control (bielefeld, germany) 08 double me - trying to fill the gap (padua, italy) 09 powerxchuck - crook guts (adelaide, australia) 10 failure - everything is dead (northern, italy) 11 sickmark - couch kill destroy (bielefeld, germany) 12 c.o.p.y - txfjc,m,cop,s (bielefeld, germany) 13 captain caveman - crushing enemy skulls (trier, germany) 14 a.n.f. - push down and turn (palermo-sicily) 15 arnoxduebel - degenerated (plauen, germany) 16 wrøng - everything at once (melbourne, australia) 17 sidetracked - personified (tacoma, washington) 18 forged - blood rich (sfv-los angeles) 19 the seeker - week-end punx must die (milan, italy) 20 etoposide – sunndowning (holyoke, massachusetts) 21 rabid pigs - overcome with grief (pittsburgh, pennsylvania) Link

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

V.A. - Hit Mania Violence - Italian D.I.Y. Conspiracy (2020) Italy

First in the Hit Mania Violence series compilations. All Italian comp, featuring my friend Totothrashers band A.N.F. (Always Never Fun). If you like powerviolence & Grind, this comp is for you !

Yacøpsae + MindFuckingMind + Psych Out - 3 Way Split EP (2020)

I'm back boys & girls ! Haven't posted in a long time ! Will have some awesome stuff going up this year, just getting started ! Hope all is well with everyone ! Happy New Year & cheers ! This one from a couple German bands, Yacøpsae (who we all know and love) & Psych Out (a short lived German PV band), and M.F.M. (or MindFuckingMind) who hail from Spain). Its a barnburner ! Raging Grindviolence, get some ! 01 Yacøpsae - Misantrop 02 Yacøpsae - Genozid 03 MindFuckingMind - MindFuckingMind 04 MindFuckingMind - No Hay Justicia 05 MindFuckingMind - Mundo Natural 06 MindFuckingMind - Jaula Forzada 07 Psych Out - Creepy Shit 08 Psych Out - Noise