Sunday, January 16, 2022

V.A. - Hit Mania Violence II - Violence Still Remains (2021)

Second Hit Mania Violence compilation, this one is a mix of Eurpean bands. Shout out to my friends Attila (Crippled Fox), Totothrasher (A.N.F.), and Viki (Sheeva Yoga). Known them for a long time. Love those dudes & all their bands ! Another great newer comp, this thing shreds !!!!! 01. A.N.F. - Do you know that powerviolence isn't actually metal? (Palermo-Sicily) 02. Crippled Fox - No Negative Bullshit (Budapest, Hungary) 03. ill! - Fliesentisch (Münster, Germany) 04. Lovgun - Pyjama Party (Lyon, France) 05. Louisxarmstrong - Llenties del passat (Barcelona, Spain) 06. Medication Time - T.H.T.I.N.T.W.C.O.F. (Lučenec, Slovakia) 07. Ona Snop - 7 Songs (1. Wurzel's Car 2. Sour Taste 3. Royoy! 4. Ona Snop (instrumental) 5. Fogged Out 6. Take Care Soon 7. Unfair Funfair) Leeds, UK 08. Sheeva Yoga - Až nad hlavu (Ostrava, Czech Republic) 09. Skiplife - Life Ruiner Social Club (Prague, Czech Republic) 10. Turtle Rage - The Big Picture (Berlin, Germany) 11. We Sleep - ALC II (Hamburg, Germany) 12. Youth Crusher - Ζήσε σαν γέρος (Athens, Greece) Link:

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  1. Hey man! love your stuff but the links to Infest's slave and Arnes Plasthjarna are dead. Can you reupload them? thanks