Friday, March 14, 2014

Powerxchuck - Demo (2014) Adelaide, Australia

                            Brand new band from Adelaide.
                            These guys are tight, and do powerviolence proud !!!!!
                            Reminiscent of really good West Coast powerviolence, ala Infest
                            & Lack of Interest, these dudes know what they are doing !
                            Really damn good Demo, short and to the point aggression &
                            rage filled greatness !!!!!
                            I just love this Demo !!!!!
                            They have a 7'' coming soon, definitely keep an eye out for that release !

                            01 Animal Rights vs Chicken McBites
                            02 Kyle Fagilands
                            03 Homerphobia
                            04 Powerxchuck
                            05 Stoner Youth
                            06 Park Break Drive
                            07 2 Foot Mid Coast


Shackles - tracks from split tape with Worn Out (2012) Australia

                         Rip roaring powerviolence from Australia !
                         These guys have put out quite a few releases in the past few years,
                         and all of them rule !!!!!
                         They just released a new lp also, called Forced To Regress, which
                         is just as brutal and good as all their previous releases !

                         01 Pecking Order
                         02 Supposed Altruism
                         03 Selfish ?
                         04 Forced Regression


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Forced Opinion - split with Victim Of Circumstance (2014) Cincinnati

                      These maniacs from Ohio are back for more punishing sounds, with
                      their new split tracks with Victim Of Circumstance from New York.
                      I posted their ep Life In Fear last year, which is just brutally
                      awesome !!!!!
                      In the last few months I was able to track down their Demo as well,
                      which i'll add to this post.
                      These guys do not disappoint, raging powerviolence at it's best !!!!!
                      My friend from Short Walk has seen these dudes Live, and says that
                      they are even better on stage, which I have no doubt is true !!!!!
                      This band, along with Short Walk, SFN, Shut-In, Lifes and many
                      others, have taken the Midwest by storm !
                      The powerviolence scene has abundantly grown in that area of the U.S.
                      over the years, and they are fast becoming veterans of the genre.
                      So many great new bands out there these days, and Forced Opinion
                      are definitively at the forefront of the pack !!!!!
                      Crushing new songs that just totally rule !!!!!
                      Grab these new split tracks !
                      So good it will make you want to start a pit in your living room, and
                      stage dive off your couch !!!!! :)

                      01 Detach
                      02 Cage
                      03 All For Nothing
                      04 Two Seconds
                      05 Transform


                      Forced Opinion - Demo (2012)

                      01 Shattered Life
                      02 Wasting Every Second
                      03 Feeling Nothing



Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dead Pledge - Don't Sign Up demo tape (1983) Sacramento, California

                      This is an oldie, but a goodie, and very rare if you actually own a copy !
                      I was sent a link by Craig, who is an older Punk from the Sacramento
                      area, and is a contributor to
                      I've always looked for this Demo since it came out in the early 80's, but
                      was unsuccessful finding it. Big thanks to Craig for linking me up with the
                      Demo !!!!!
                      Dead Pledge was definitely one of the best bands ever to come out of the
                      Sacramento area, along with Rebel Truth, and the illusive J.I.A. (Justice 
                      In America), who's Demo has never been found to date. I think I have
                      one or two songs by J.I.A. on my old Maximum Rock n' Roll radio tapes,
                      but I need to dig em up and rip em.
                      Just a fantastic Demo from the early 80's, fast and to the point for their time !
                      No track listing for this demo tape.
                      An absolute must for old hardcore fanatics like me !!!!!


Ripped To Shreds - Demo (2012) Redding, California

                         Ripping thrashcore/fastcore from northern California !
                         I found this Demo on Bandcamp, but the tracks were cut short
                         due to the recording being ripped almost as a single song. The
                         tracks were so close together, it was a bit difficult to split it.
                         That being said, I left some songs together because it was the
                         right thing to do in this case :)
                         Thanks to Miles, the guitar player from Ripped To Shreds, who
                         sent me a link of the full recording as 1 track ! Miles was also in
                         the great great band Stress Relief as well !!!!!
                         This band ultimately shreds !!!!!
                         Fast & furious fastcore, that is absolutely killer !!!!!
                         Andreya, the singer, is off the charts awesome on this recording !!!!!
                         Just love this demo !!!!!
                         Wish Ripped To Shreds still existed, stellar band !!!!!

                         01 Let's Fucking Go - Co-Workers - Work Sucks - Never
                         02 I Hate Christian Metalcore - Just Go Away
                         03 Turn Up The Vocals
                         04 No More
                         05 It's Not Funny Or Cute
                         06 Sick Of Assholes Like You
                         07 Nothing Ever (F-Minus)


Louie Lust & The All Night Fever - Dirty Couch demo (2014) Halifax

                       Yet another great band with my bud Cody from Halifax, Nova Scotia !
                       This one features Cody, who is in a ton of bands including Envision, 
                       Word On The Street, Castle Wolfenstein, Abject Pax, Concrete 
                       Asylum, Negative Rage, Negative Circles, Grump, Life Chain, Bricks, 
                       Never Human, Cum Rag, and probably more that I don't know about yet, 
                       and Luke Mumford (who records lots of bands from Halifax) who is in 
                       Genetic Angry, Grump, and Negative Rage.
                       This one is noisy, ruckus, and awesome !!!!! 
                       Fast, angry, and more fun stuff from the Maritime region !
                       Definitely snatch up this lustfully noisy gem !!!!! :)

                       01 Dirty Couch
                       02 You're Sucking The Life Out Of Me
                       03 I Am In Control
                       04 Out & Down
                       05 Joe Generio



Monday, March 3, 2014

No Bullshit - Inside Looking Out Demo (2011) & No Bullshit - Demo (2010) Seattle

                    No Bullshit were from Seattle, Washington. They disbanded a couple
                    years back, but leave this last Demo as a memoriam of their final
                    Ripping fast and distorted hardcore, just like I love !!!!!
                    This Demo kills !!!!!
                    Members of No Bullshit were also in bands such as Delusional,
                    Solitude, and Lindseys. Here are a couple of their bandcamps if you
                    want to check those bands out.
                    Devin, the guitar player from No Bullshit, sent me the band info and the
                    tracklist for the Inside Looking Out Demo.
                    This band was awesome, too bad they are not still around !
                    Blistering fast and brutal ! Kind of remind me a little of Seige and Japanese
                    crazed hardcore.
                    Love this Demo !!!!!

                    01 Insurance Policy
                    02 Self Proclaimed Dipshits
                    03 Baseless Judge
                    04 Originality Is Overrated
                    05 Statues
                    06 Say What You Fucking Mean
                    07 Demographics
                    08 Waste Of Flesh


                    No Bullshit - Demo (2010)

                   01 Does This Taste Like Shit To You ?
                   02 Hip Scum
                   03 Condescension Is Not A Fucking Tool
                   04 Where's Your Brain ?
                   05 Natural Selection Failed
                   06 Demographics
                   07 Statues
                   08 Say What You Fucking Mean
                   09 Originality Is Overrated
                   10 Logic Prevails
                   11 You Guys Are Good But...
                   12 Violated Regardless


Cum Rag - Demo (2014) Halifax, Nova Scotia

                        Here's another new band from from friend Cody in Halifax.
                        He recently sent me the Never Human - Demo, which I edited and put
                        on here last month. Never Human is an awesome new band he's in,
                        amongst a vast number of bands he resides in. Read the post from Never
                        Human from last month to check the list of all his great bands !!!!!
                        Cum Rag is a 2 man project with Cody on vocals, and Ian from Last Laugh
                        and many other bands plays all the instruments on this demo.
                        Anyway, Cum Rag is a brand new project which is unbelievably good !!!!!
                        One of my favorite Demos right now !!!!!
                        Cody's vocals are epic on this project !!!!! Reminiscent vocal sound in
                        comparison to the singer's of The Wankys and The Fartz.
                        One of the best releases so far in 2014 !!!!
                        Stellar Demo !!!! You need this one !!!!!
                         01 Pink Eye
                         02 Coffee
                         03 Rich Scum
                         04 Pothole City - 05 Liar Liar


The Flex - Flexual Healing Vol. 1 cassette (2012) & The Flex - Flexual Healing Vol. 2 - In The Doghouse cassette (2013) & The Flex - Flexual Healing Vol. 3 - T.H.E. F.L.E.X. cassette (2014) UK

                          Hailing from the UK, The Flex have steamrolled through the scene
                          over the last few years.
                          Great band that have alot of influences ! They play everything from
                          old 80's hardcore, to noise, to powerviolence, to crust, and old fashioned
                          English Punk.
                          Very impressive band, one of my favorite UK bands at the moment !
                          They will be coming to the US soon, not sure how extensive their Tour
                          will be, but they will be playing Damaged City Fest in D.C. with a host
                          of epic bands including Government Issue & Infest !
                          They will have a new lp out soon, can't wait for that one !!!!!
                          I'll post all 3 volumes of their Flexual Healing series of cassettes.
                          Grab these, as they are all 1 track on their bandcamp !
                          Now edited for your listening pleasure ! :)

                          01 Shiftless
                          02 Scum On The Run
                          03 Take A Stand (Youth Of Today)
                          04 Open Up (D.Y.S.)
                          05 Kickback (Breakdown)


                          The Flex - Flexual Healing Vol. 2 - In The Doghouse cassette (2013)

                         01 Excess
                         02 The Flex
                         03 Virtual Reality
                         04 Kickback (Breakdown)
                         05 No Justice
                         06 Like You
                         07 Scum On The Run
                         08 Repressed
                         09 Take A Stand (Youth Of Today)


                         The Flex - Flexual Healing Vol. 3 - t.h.e. f.l.e.x. cassette (2014)

                        01 R.A.M.O.N.E.S. A.K.A. T.H.E. F.L.E.X. (Motörhead)
                        02 The Herd
                        03 We Don't Need You
                        04 Ain't No Feeble Bastard (Discharge)
                        05 Waste My Time


R.I.P. Fucker - Demo (2014) Australia

                       Newer band from Melbourne, Australia, featuring members of
                       Split Teeth, Pathetic Human, Havittajat, Flesh World, Masses, and
                       Scab Eater.
                       This Demo is absolutely killer !!!!!
                       Noisy hardcore mixed with elements of crust, powerviolence, noise,
                       and good old fashioned hardcore !
                       This band is one of the better new bands hailing from Melbourne,
                       very new to the scene !
                       This Demo is a definite must !!!!!

                       01 Money Talks
                       02 End Days
                       03 Domination
                       04 Nightfall
                       05 Dead Society
                       06 The Dawn

Split Teeth - tracks from split with Trap (2012) & Split Teeth - Self Titled (2013) Australia

                         These guys are a newer powerviolence band from Melbourne, Austalia.
                         They've been around about 3 years now, and have a couple releases
                         under their belt. They have another split coming soon with Flesh
                         Police, another great band from down under, specifically Perth !
                         This is Split Teeth's split with Trap from Indonesia, and it's a definite
                         ripper ! I edited this one over a year ago, just getting to putting it up now.
                         Got the word from their drummer Jake that it was cool to post this bad boy !
                         Still looking for the Trap side of the split, and any other releases by Trap.
                         Split Teeth are on the fore front of great new Australian bands, and
                         they truly know what they are doing !
                         Powerviolence at it's best, these guys rule !!!!!

                         01 Relic
                         02 Concrete
                         03 Choked Out
                         04 Failed Forever
                         05 Hollowbody
                         06 Clock Watcher


                         Split Teeth - S-T 7'' (2013)
                       01 Coagulate
                       02 Tooth and Dog
                       03 Split Teeth
                       04 Landfill
                       05 Logic Blister
                       06 Hook Lights
                       07 Instinct Reversal
                       08 Severed At The Feet
                       09 Body Seperator


Sunshine Ward - Live @ Spaced Mountain, Boston-Mass. 1-31-2014 (Mass.)

                         Here's a newer band out of Massachusetts, featuring the guitar player
                         from Brain Killer.
                         They don't have any releases yet, but hopefully they are working on a
                         Demo or release !
                         The flyer above is not the flyer for the show at Spaced Mountain, but
                         I couldn't find a flyer for that show.
                         Damn good band, very promising !!!! The songs here rip !!!!! Recording
                         is not the best, but the songs are awesome !!!!!
                         Again, no track titles for this Live set, I have very little info on the band.
                         One of my friend's south of Boston told me about these guys, and sent me
                         a link of the show. He also said they were killer Live, and the singer was
                         ominous and bold, which are great traits in a hardcore singer !!!!
                         I can never go wrong with his recommendations ! :)


Dead Black - Certified Mixtape cassette (2008) Boston

                       This band came out of Boston a few years back, and only existed for
                       a short time. Made up of members of Mind Eraser, Scapegoat, Think
                       I Care, No Tolerance, Mental, Prisoner Abuse, Wolf Whistle, Rival
                       Mob, Peacebreakers, and probably alot more i'm not mentioning :)
                       Featuring of course, someone that's been in freakin' tons and tons
                       of bands in the last 12 or more years, Justin DeTore (aka-DJF).
                       Anyhow, I don't normally get into this style of hardcore, kind of
                       dark, slower, slightly more sludgy than my taste, but I definitely
                       dig this band !
                       This is there 2nd, and last release, kind of a Discography. No track
                       listing for this one.
                       There is a definite dark side to this band, but also alot of humor and fun !
                       A true Boston classic, grab it, this tape is rare !

                                                        Re-uped 7-13-2017