Monday, March 3, 2014

Cum Rag - Demo (2014) Halifax, Nova Scotia

                        Here's another new band from from friend Cody in Halifax.
                        He recently sent me the Never Human - Demo, which I edited and put
                        on here last month. Never Human is an awesome new band he's in,
                        amongst a vast number of bands he resides in. Read the post from Never
                        Human from last month to check the list of all his great bands !!!!!
                        Cum Rag is a 2 man project with Cody on vocals, and Ian from Last Laugh
                        and many other bands plays all the instruments on this demo.
                        Anyway, Cum Rag is a brand new project which is unbelievably good !!!!!
                        One of my favorite Demos right now !!!!!
                        Cody's vocals are epic on this project !!!!! Reminiscent vocal sound in
                        comparison to the singer's of The Wankys and The Fartz.
                        One of the best releases so far in 2014 !!!!
                        Stellar Demo !!!! You need this one !!!!!
                         01 Pink Eye
                         02 Coffee
                         03 Rich Scum
                         04 Pothole City - 05 Liar Liar


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