Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunshine Ward - Live @ Spaced Mountain, Boston-Mass. 1-31-2014 (Mass.)

                         Here's a newer band out of Massachusetts, featuring the guitar player
                         from Brain Killer.
                         They don't have any releases yet, but hopefully they are working on a
                         Demo or release !
                         The flyer above is not the flyer for the show at Spaced Mountain, but
                         I couldn't find a flyer for that show.
                         Damn good band, very promising !!!! The songs here rip !!!!! Recording
                         is not the best, but the songs are awesome !!!!!
                         Again, no track titles for this Live set, I have very little info on the band.
                         One of my friend's south of Boston told me about these guys, and sent me
                         a link of the show. He also said they were killer Live, and the singer was
                         ominous and bold, which are great traits in a hardcore singer !!!!
                         I can never go wrong with his recommendations ! :)