Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ripped To Shreds - Demo (2012) Redding, California

                         Ripping thrashcore/fastcore from northern California !
                         I found this Demo on Bandcamp, but the tracks were cut short
                         due to the recording being ripped almost as a single song. The
                         tracks were so close together, it was a bit difficult to split it.
                         That being said, I left some songs together because it was the
                         right thing to do in this case :)
                         Thanks to Miles, the guitar player from Ripped To Shreds, who
                         sent me a link of the full recording as 1 track ! Miles was also in
                         the great great band Stress Relief as well !!!!!
                         This band ultimately shreds !!!!!
                         Fast & furious fastcore, that is absolutely killer !!!!!
                         Andreya, the singer, is off the charts awesome on this recording !!!!!
                         Just love this demo !!!!!
                         Wish Ripped To Shreds still existed, stellar band !!!!!

                         01 Let's Fucking Go - Co-Workers - Work Sucks - Never
                         02 I Hate Christian Metalcore - Just Go Away
                         03 Turn Up The Vocals
                         04 No More
                         05 It's Not Funny Or Cute
                         06 Sick Of Assholes Like You
                         07 Nothing Ever (F-Minus)


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