Monday, March 3, 2014

Dead Black - Certified Mixtape cassette (2008) Boston

                       This band came out of Boston a few years back, and only existed for
                       a short time. Made up of members of Mind Eraser, Scapegoat, Think
                       I Care, No Tolerance, Mental, Prisoner Abuse, Wolf Whistle, Rival
                       Mob, Peacebreakers, and probably alot more i'm not mentioning :)
                       Featuring of course, someone that's been in freakin' tons and tons
                       of bands in the last 12 or more years, Justin DeTore (aka-DJF).
                       Anyhow, I don't normally get into this style of hardcore, kind of
                       dark, slower, slightly more sludgy than my taste, but I definitely
                       dig this band !
                       This is there 2nd, and last release, kind of a Discography. No track
                       listing for this one.
                       There is a definite dark side to this band, but also alot of humor and fun !
                       A true Boston classic, grab it, this tape is rare !

                                                        Re-uped 7-13-2017



  1. Thanks bro wish i couldve helped you out with the tracklist or scans!

  2. Could you re up this? Lost this year's ago and totally forgot about the band until I saw this. Amazing album imo

  3. any chance for another reupload? lol
    loved these dudes and all their other projects. back in the day I saw them at sound and fury