Sunday, March 9, 2014

Louie Lust & The All Night Fever - Dirty Couch demo (2014) Halifax

                       Yet another great band with my bud Cody from Halifax, Nova Scotia !
                       This one features Cody, who is in a ton of bands including Envision, 
                       Word On The Street, Castle Wolfenstein, Abject Pax, Concrete 
                       Asylum, Negative Rage, Negative Circles, Grump, Life Chain, Bricks, 
                       Never Human, Cum Rag, and probably more that I don't know about yet, 
                       and Luke Mumford (who records lots of bands from Halifax) who is in 
                       Genetic Angry, Grump, and Negative Rage.
                       This one is noisy, ruckus, and awesome !!!!! 
                       Fast, angry, and more fun stuff from the Maritime region !
                       Definitely snatch up this lustfully noisy gem !!!!! :)

                       01 Dirty Couch
                       02 You're Sucking The Life Out Of Me
                       03 I Am In Control
                       04 Out & Down
                       05 Joe Generio



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