Monday, March 3, 2014

R.I.P. Fucker - Demo (2014) Australia

                       Newer band from Melbourne, Australia, featuring members of
                       Split Teeth, Pathetic Human, Havittajat, Flesh World, Masses, and
                       Scab Eater.
                       This Demo is absolutely killer !!!!!
                       Noisy hardcore mixed with elements of crust, powerviolence, noise,
                       and good old fashioned hardcore !
                       This band is one of the better new bands hailing from Melbourne,
                       very new to the scene !
                       This Demo is a definite must !!!!!

                       01 Money Talks
                       02 End Days
                       03 Domination
                       04 Nightfall
                       05 Dead Society
                       06 The Dawn

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