Friday, March 14, 2014

Powerxchuck - Demo (2014) Adelaide, Australia

                            Brand new band from Adelaide.
                            These guys are tight, and do powerviolence proud !!!!!
                            Reminiscent of really good West Coast powerviolence, ala Infest
                            & Lack of Interest, these dudes know what they are doing !
                            Really damn good Demo, short and to the point aggression &
                            rage filled greatness !!!!!
                            I just love this Demo !!!!!
                            They have a 7'' coming soon, definitely keep an eye out for that release !

                            01 Animal Rights vs Chicken McBites
                            02 Kyle Fagilands
                            03 Homerphobia
                            04 Powerxchuck
                            05 Stoner Youth
                            06 Park Break Drive
                            07 2 Foot Mid Coast



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