Monday, March 3, 2014

No Bullshit - Inside Looking Out Demo (2011) & No Bullshit - Demo (2010) Seattle

                    No Bullshit were from Seattle, Washington. They disbanded a couple
                    years back, but leave this last Demo as a memoriam of their final
                    Ripping fast and distorted hardcore, just like I love !!!!!
                    This Demo kills !!!!!
                    Members of No Bullshit were also in bands such as Delusional,
                    Solitude, and Lindseys. Here are a couple of their bandcamps if you
                    want to check those bands out.
                    Devin, the guitar player from No Bullshit, sent me the band info and the
                    tracklist for the Inside Looking Out Demo.
                    This band was awesome, too bad they are not still around !
                    Blistering fast and brutal ! Kind of remind me a little of Seige and Japanese
                    crazed hardcore.
                    Love this Demo !!!!!

                    01 Insurance Policy
                    02 Self Proclaimed Dipshits
                    03 Baseless Judge
                    04 Originality Is Overrated
                    05 Statues
                    06 Say What You Fucking Mean
                    07 Demographics
                    08 Waste Of Flesh


                    No Bullshit - Demo (2010)

                   01 Does This Taste Like Shit To You ?
                   02 Hip Scum
                   03 Condescension Is Not A Fucking Tool
                   04 Where's Your Brain ?
                   05 Natural Selection Failed
                   06 Demographics
                   07 Statues
                   08 Say What You Fucking Mean
                   09 Originality Is Overrated
                   10 Logic Prevails
                   11 You Guys Are Good But...
                   12 Violated Regardless


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