Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hassler - Equalizing Distort, CIUT Radio, Toronto-Canada 10-30-2012 (Canada)

                             Here's a set from one of my top 20 bands from this year, Hassler
                             from Toronto, Canada. Ripping good new hardcore band, with
                             members that were in such noteable bands as Reprobates, Career
                             Suicide, School Jerks, Brutal Knights, Chokehold, Toxic Holocaust,
                             and more... Their debut ep is fast shredding to the point hardcore,
                             just the way I like it ! New LP I believe is in the works. These guys
                             are so damn good, dying to hear more ! Anyhow, I found this set
                             on Equalizing Distort site, but was uncut, and possibly unmastered
                             as well. I split and edited songs to the best of my ability, so ENJOY !!!!!

                                  01 Trainwreck
                                  02 Creeper
                                  03 Beatdown
                                  04 Asphyxiate
                                  05 Enlightened
                                  06 Innocent (Schizophrenic)
                                  07 Pig Pen
                                  08 Amoral
                                  09 Retaliation
                                  10 Escape
                                  11 Apathy
                                  12 What I See


                              Check em' out here too:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Farsa - Live @ Cargando La Cruz De Los Arrogantes Fest, La Bicicleta Squat, Santiago-Chile 11-24-2012

                          Here's a Live set of my friend's band from Chile, Farsa. These
                          guys have been around a couple years now, and are keeping up
                          the spirit of fast hardcore/powerviolence. There are many great
                          bands in Chile today, but many bands have burned out, or moved
                          on to new projects. Hopefully we will see alot of great bands
                          coming in 2013 from Chile ! Maybe we will hear some new tunes
                          by Farsa soon, we'll see :) Anyway, these guys are full of energy
                          and ready to shred some serious sounds, so definitely check these
                          dudes out !!!!!

                          01 Largo Rumbo Hacia La Nada
                          02 Al Trato Verdadero
                          03 Quien Empieza Terminando
                          04 Untitled
                          05 Farsa
                          06 77 Kids (Systematic Death)
                          07 Untitled - Donde Crecen Las Baratas
                          08 Como Siempre
                          09 Mirada Nublada
                          10 Untitled
                          11 Lutar Matar (Olho Seco)
                          12 Batalla Final
                          13 Ni Una Salida


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vilently Ill - Guilty As Charged 1998-2007 (Andrew Lersten from Bunny Skulls 1 man band) Ludington, Michigan

                                                        Link Re-Upped 2/6/2017

                       Great 1 man project from Andrew Lersten of the imfamous Bunny Skulls.
                       Ranging from Punk to powerviolence, Vilently Ill is awesome fun and creative
                       hardcore from the Midwest. Of course Bunny Skulls rule, and this is
                       where the inspiration started from ! I just love 1 man projects, especially
                       if they are done well, and Vilently Ill definitely represents !!!!! Raging
                       pissed fun happy angry thrash attack, get some !!!!! 63 songs in total,
                       tracklist with download.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Arnes Plasthjarna - 90-Talets Vis-Samling 7'' (1989) Sweden (Bonus Flexi not included)

                            Here we go, rare one from the late 80's ! Arnes Plasthjarna were
                            an awesome, yet slightly wacky and out of the ordinary hardcore
                            band from the late 80's, early 90's. They played a fun style of happy
                            upbeat fastcore, mixed with almost video game-like keyboards.
                            Killer and crazy stuff from the great white north of Scandanavia !
                            If anyone tracks down the Bonus Flexi ep that goes along with
                            7'', please contact me here on the blog, would be greatly appreciated !

                              01 Intro
                              02 Intro 2 (Vanersborgs Blojraggare)
                              03 Nar Kalle Var Pa Skattjakt
                              04 Anton Karlssons Liv Och Leverne
                              05 Den Som Gapar Over Mycket
                              06 Deep-Throat
                              07 Professor Balthazars Losning
                              08 Fnask
                              09 Stig-Abraham Och Hans Ladermask
                              10 Jag Vill Se Dina Brost!
                              11 Lena Gav Ett Handtag
                              12 Fem Soker en Lem
                              13 Aktion Mot Butiksstolder
                              14 Pudelrov
                              15 Friskt Doftat, Halva Inne
                              16 Nere Pa Stranden
                              17 Dansbandsskandalen
                              18 Senapsgas
                              19 Flasksamlare-Blues
                              20 Brevet Till So
                              21 Olof Ser Pa Ryska Sportslovfilmer
                              22 Herman La' En Skit
                              23 Outro (Hans)


Monday, November 26, 2012

Fejlfix - Live Tape (2012) Denmark

   Here's one from one of Denmark's finest, Fejlfix ! These guys
                         began a couple years ago, and started with a great great first
                         release, a 7'' called Langsom Dod ! Very impressive 80's
                         hardcore sound mixed with modern elements. These Danes
                         play fast and to the point hardcore that rivals some of the
                         best bands Scandanavian bands today ! I really love this band !!!!!
                         Also check out their new 7'', you wont be disappointed !

                            01 Jeg Har En Angst Som Aldrig For
                            02 Tvivl I Dit Sind
                            03 Alle Ma Do!
                            04 Mareridt
                            05 Ensom Blandt Mennesker
                            06 Sort Samvittighed
                            07 I Gar
                            08 Ude Af Mig Selv
                            09 Spildt Liv
                            10 Nej
                            11 Langsom Dod
                            12 Den Endelose Ende
                            (1-12 Live @ OCCII, Amsterdam-Holland 10-22-2011)
                            13 Intro
                            14 Fejlfix
                            15 Mareridt
                            16 Alle Ma Do!
                            17 I Gar
                            18 Hvad Sker Der
                            19 Logn
                            20 Flugt
                            21 Last Inde
                            22 Uniform
                            23 I Dag - Blow Your Brains Out
                            (13-23 Live @ Distorted Picnic, Aarhus, Denmark 07-31-2010)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sick Rats - Life During Wartime, KBOO Radio, Portland-Or. 9-19-2012

                         Here's a newer band hailing from Portland. Sick Rats are made
                         up of members of Organized Sports, Total Wreck and Sweet Tooth,
                         with female fronted vocals. Don't know alot about these guys, except
                         Eric from Sweet Tooth is on drums. Really good band, with a
                         more dark punk feeling mixed with some aggressive up beat
                         Punk sounds. I really dig the guitar, very cool dark and creative
                         licks ! Their music has kind of an 80's feel to it, Punk & Post Punk
                         mixed with elements of hardcore. Really damn good band ! They
                         have not released any recordings of yet, but hopefully we'll see and
                         hear a Demo from these guys soon !

                         No Track List (if someone from the band downloads this, can you
                         send me a track list ?)


Friday, November 16, 2012

Word On The Street - Live @ Shake It Dance Studio, Halifax-Nova Scotia 4-21-2012

                        Word On The Street have been around a couple years now, featuring
                        members of Envision, Negative Circles, Negative Rage, and newly
                        added member Ian from Risky Business/Envision. I've known Cody
                        and Ian for a while now, very cool dudes, always keeping the music
                        scene alive up in Nova Scotia ! They recently played the Not Dead
                        Yet Fest, which featured lots of killer bands ! These guys offer up
                        awesome raging hardcore, with a healthy Straight Ahead worship !
                        If you get a chance to see these guys, definitely check em out !
                        From the great white north's-eastern front, I give you the ripping
                        stylings of Word On The Street !!!!! These guys rule !!!!!


                                                01 Get A Clue
                                                02 Straight Ahead (Straight Ahead)
                                                03 Rise To The Challenge
                                                04 Cut To The Chase
                                                05 The Regulator (Bad Brains)
                                                06 H.R.M. Mayhem
                                                07 Steppin' Out of Line
                                                08 Freedom of Choice
                                                09 Know-It-All
                                                10 I Don't Care About You (Fear)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ghost of CHC Past (aka-Kontaminat) - Clitfest Benefit Cover Set @ Township, Chicago 11-2-2012

My friend Pat from Kontaminat sent me this set recently. Cover's set
of infamous Chicago bands that these guys were previously in. Bands that 
alot of people should recognize, such as: Los Crudos, Chronic Seizure,
Sin Orden, Rat Bastards, and more... They have a 7'' coming out,
or might already be out, on Lengua Armada Records. This set rules,
great covers by some killer bands !!!!! If you live in Chicago and have 
the chance to see these guys, I highly recommend you do !!!!! Hopefully 
we'll hear some new stuff from these guys real soon !!!!!

01 Brain Sick (Chronic Seizure)
02 Sin Orden (Sin Orden)
03 Asesinos (Los Crudos)
04 Se Ve En Tu Cara (Los Crudos)
05 Cipayos, Traidores y Vendidos (Los Crudos)
06 KGB (No Slogan)
07 Impeach Bush (Sin Orden)
08 Sniper (I Attack)
09 Sk8 City Riot (I Attack)
10 Violent Opposition (Chronic Seizure)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Abrade - Homage cassette (2008) Chicago

Originally posted August 11, 2011

Abrade from Chicago have been around since about 2005 or 2006. They play
fastcore/PV/grind style, and I hear they are ferocious Live ! I met Keith
from Abrade on the music program i'm on, he sent me the tracklist so I could
split this cassette. Looking for the actual tape cover for Homage, this pic is
not it.

01 42%
02 Freebase
03 Parade
04 Stagnance
05 Axis of Inertia
06 Nosebleeds
07 Submerged
08 Desaturate
09 Here We Go
10 Incorporated


Sunday, October 28, 2012

BxSxEx - Campaign Against Musical Corruption 1999-2001 2xCD collection (2012) Holland (compiled and edited by Vincent & oldschoolmike)

So, here we go ! A couple weeks ago I got a message from Vince of BxSxEx/
All Tensed Up. He's been compiling BxSxEx recordings for a few years now,
i've edited a few sets for him in the past. He found some more recordings recently,
and that prompted him to want to put together a collection of BxSxEx recordings.
I was definitely up for the task, i'm a huge fan of BxSxEx ! So the last 2 weeks,
Vince & I have been passing recordings back and forth, i've been editing last
remaining recordings, and we are done ! There might be a couple more recordings
out there, and if there is, we will add to the collection at a later date. Now I give
you the story of BxSxEx in Vincent's words himself !

Holy shit! this is it ! The ultimate B.S.E collection, 148 tracks on 2 cd's.
Mike wanted me to write  something about the history of the band so
here it is.

BSE started late 1998 in a shithole in the middle of Holland, with Barend
on bass, Roy on vocals and me on drums. Having problems finding anyone
who wanted to play guitar for us, we asked Brian (a guitarist from some
horrible pop/rock band) if he was up for the job, and he was. Our first
rehearsal was December 5 1998, and our first show was on New Years Eve
at a local squad (without Brian, who had better things to do). We played 6
songs in 5 minutes in front of some old hippies and local punks. The next shows
we did were thanks to the band INSULT, who let us play the last 10 minutes
of their shows. I remember going to Germany and doing our 10 minutes when
INSULT played there with German heroes YACOPSAE, the show was not
what we hoped for. INSULT never got to play because there was a broken
bass amp or something, so we never played. But watching YACOPSAE
destroy the universe, was worth the long ride to Germany ! In the weeks that
followed, Brian began talking about his little brother who wanted to sing in a
band. We didn't like the idea much, because having another Brian in the band
was a scary thought. But slowly Brian talked us into it, and Sanne began doing
guest vocals at some local shows, and ended up being a permanent member.
We recorded a lot of rehearsals, and spread those tapes to anyone who wanted
to have them. Some of the rehearsal songs ended up on compilation tapes.
June 8, 1999 was our first real show outside of Holland. Again we ended up in
Germany, this time to support ASSHOLE PARADE. AP blew us from stage
A.N.S. even beat us playing football (soccer for all you Americans :) How we
lost playing our national sport against some Americans is still something i don't
understand... But we beat them at smoking weed, and that must count for 
something :)
In July 1999, we started recording songs for the Wall of Death split ep with
INSULT. Halfway through the recording we had a power failure and we lost
half of the recording session. The split ep was released 1 week after we played
the release party in December 1999. Early February 2000, we recorded songs
for our second ep and some comp songs. The split was supposes to be with
STRONG INTENTION, but that never happened. The compilation also never
got released, so we ended up with a recording, but nothing to release it on. After
the recordings, we kicked out Brian for showing up 2 hours late and wasted at a
show. Within minutes we had Willem Jan (INSULT) as our new guitar player (the
Insult/B.S.E. jam session on this cd is from that night). Summer 2000 we did a one
week tour in the UK with our good friends INSULT. We played with some fucking
great bands ! NARCOSIS, URKO, SAWN OFF,VOORHEES... And the whole
trip was amazing ! After the tour, Barend had enough of playing Live, and left the
band. This was the beginning of the end ! His replacement Rutger was an alright
bass player, but with him an WJ in the band, things had changed. Maybe having 2
sxe guys in the band was upsetting the cloud of green smoke that filled up our
rehearsal room :) Roy and Sanne had asked me to join them in a side project called
ALL TENSED UP, and there we found the thing that was missing from B.S.E. Roy
and me talked for 3 minutes and declared B.S.E. dead. After B.S.E. was dead and
gone, Richard of UPS Records released  the Under Control Session as a split ep with
PCP.  B.S.E. was very fun to do, and doing a shitload of shows with some of our
favorite bands like the allmighty HARD TO SWALLOW,MIHOEN!, AMDI
something i never forget ! A huge thanks goes out to Mike for making these two cd's
reality !

MOSH IT UP!!!!!!!!

CD 1

CD 1 - Track Info
1-01-1-08 Under Control Session 2000
1-09-1-18 Wall of Death Session (summer 1999)
1-19-1-35 Live @ Gaellus, Venray-Holland (early 1999)
1-36-1-50 Rehearsal Tape June 13, 1999
1-51-1-56 Rehearsal Tape April 1999
1-57-1-81 Early 99' Rehearsal

CD 2

CD 2 - Track Info
2-01-2-05 Tracks from split with PCP (recorded in 2000, split released in 2001)
2-06-2-12 Tracks from split with Insult (recorded and released in late 99')
2-13-2-31 Rehearsal 2000 (with Willem Jan, April 2000)
2-32-2-47 Live in Krisis, Hilversum-Holland (12-11-1999)
2-48-2-52 Insult & B.S.E. - Live Jam Session @ The Krisis, Hilversum-Holland
(early 2000)
2-53-2-63 Live in Zeist 2000
2-64-2-67 Goudvishal Arnhem-Holland 2000

Other recording info:
Wall of Death - split 7" (B.S.E./Insult) Dec. 1999 Balowski Records (1000 normal /
50  UK Tour version)

Under Control/My War - split 7" (B.S.E./PCP) 2001 UPS Records (500 made)

What's Worse also on "Short Fast & Loud" comp cd, Slap a Ham Records
Straight Edge SS also on "Onslaught" comp ep, G7 Records

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Satanic Legions Of Death - Demo Tape (1986) Yugoslavia

Originally posted September, 20 2011
Link Re-posted 8/19/2016

Seriously fast and furious speed/death
 metal from the mid 80's. Very obscure band,
                                              not sure if they ever released anything else.
                                              Ragingly fast and evil, bang your head at atomic
                                              speed !!!!!

                                                      02 Horror Tale
                                                      03 Malicious Death
                                                      04 Planet On The Point of Death
                                                      05 Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
                                                      06 No More Lies
                                                      07 Die Like A Beast
                                                      08 Ne Lazi Mi Zvezda


Saturday, October 13, 2012

War Hero + Ummm - split 7'' (2009) Canada

Originally Posted October 12th, 2011
(re-ripped by A. Fastcore Oct. 12, 2012
& re-edited by oldschoolmike Oct. 13, 2012)

This split was sent to me by my good friend Allenfastcore from
                      Sonidos Rabiosos blog in Brazil (sent as 2 tracks, Side A and Side
                      B). War Hero side was easy, but splitting those Ummm tracks was a
                      definite challenge ! Extremely short, fast and very angry songs by
                      Ummm ! Pretty much short, fast and angry as well from Canadian
                      PV veterans War Hero, but maybe just a little less angry then Ummm
                      on this split :)

                                01 WH - Gore
                                02 WH - Originality 101
                                03 WH - Don't Ask Twice
                                04 WH - Blood Shot Eyes
                                05 WH - Consume It Or Die
                                06 WH - Coptopsy
                                07 WH - Shitkick
                                08 Ummm - Ripped Out
                                09 Ummm - Insides
                                10 Ummm - Nothing
                                11 Ummm - Wall
                                12 Ummm - Crashed
                                13 Ummm - Scars Over Scars
                                14 Ummm - Lose
                                15 Ummm - Sank Into The Void
                                16 Ummm - Result
                                17 Ummm - Not There
                                18 Ummm - It
                                19 Ummm - Finally Failed
                                20 Ummm - Empty and Done
                                21 Ummm - Blind
                                22 Ummm - Happiness Forever
                                23 Ummm - Optimism Is The Opiate of The Masses
                                24 Ummm - A Time To Shine
                                25 Ummm - Give Up

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Neglected - Demo (2012) ex-Ultimate Blowup (Turkey)

                           Some of my favorite dudes in the world, my buds from the now
                           defunct Ultimate Blowup have resurfaced with a new band.
                           Ultimate Blowup was on my compilation with Spastic Fantastic
                           Records a couple years back, Thrash Up My Ass! When I first heard
                           them, I was blown away with their insanely creative powerviolence
                           stylings. I contacted them for the comp after hearing their Demo,
                           and they replied quickly. Very very cool  dudes, probably the only
                           band in Turkey playing powerviolence today. I have a ton of respect for
                           these guys ! They are not just great dudes, but probably the best
                           powerviolence band in the last 10 years !
                           Neglected is their new band. Neglected's style is a litlle more
                           like Crossed Out, some slower stuff mixed in with raging fast
                           pv sounds.
                           I highly recommend this Demo, I love it ! So please support my Bro's
                           and download this awesome new release ! Neglected totally rule !!!!!

                                      01 Ratrace
                                      02 Trainwreck'd
                                      03 01001101
                                      04 Neglected
                                      05 Adaletler (Kerildin!)
                                      06 Death Trip
                                      07 Munzai Pt. II
                                      08 Dumbing Down
                                      09 Delusions
                                      10 Bigot Outbreak


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perikato - Jalkiteollinen Painajainen 7'' (2012) Finland

Just found out about this band a couple days ago, and
holy shit do they rule !!!!! Downloaded this extremely
great gem as 2 tracks, Side A & Side B. Came with a
track list, which made it alot easier on my brain. Anyway,
these dudes hail from Finland, and put out a sound of
pummeling hardcore mixed with elements of crust and
fastcore. This band blows me away, might even go as far
as saying this is possibly #1 in my top 10 current releases !
This one is a must folks !!!!! You won't be disappointed !
01 Otan Vastaan Kaaoksen
02 Jalkiteollinen Painajainen
03 Varman Tuhon Merkit
04 Oikeus Kuluttaa
05 Vaajaamaton Kuolema
06 Perikato
07 Aanestaja
08 Aika Karsia
09 Sodan Kauhu (Kirous)
10 Mattopommitus

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brain Tumors - Live On KEXP, Seattle-Wa. 8-25-2012 (Minnesota)

                               My good bud from Brain Tumors sent me this Live set to
                               do my magic to. Found out about these dudes when they first
                               emerged on the scene. Met the singer after they put out their
                               Demo, he was downloading from me on the music program i'm
                               on. These dudes hail from Minniapolis, Minnesota, and have been
                               tearing up the scene (and many stages) for the last couple years !
                               They have releases on Fashionable Idiots, Deranged Records,
                               and the fucked up label that ripped off Brain Tumors, Dead Beat
                               Records. Dead Beat Records sucks, if any upcoming bands are
                               considering releasing anything on this label, please don't !!!!!
                               Anyhow, this is a really good radio recording with interview
                               included. If you haven't checked out Brain Tumors yet, where
                               have you been ? Theses guys just keep getting better, i'm sure
                               we'll be hearing more great stuff by them soon ! Download,
                               press play, no more need be said !!!!! Except, Brain Tumors rule !!!!!

                                                  01 Shadow People
                                                  02 I Feel Bad
                                                  03 Bargains
                                                  04 Group Therapy - V-Neck Reject
                                                  05 Side Effexor
                                                  06 Bulimaniac - Rules of Abuse
                                                  07 Scaphe
                                                  08 Shitiots
                                                  09 Interview      


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blood Feast - Out Of Control ep (1998) Japan (Highly Recommended !!!!!)

                            This one came as a suprize to me, never heard of this band til
                            today. Got this rip from my good bud Andre in Holland. Came
                            as Side A & Side B. Fortunately came with decipered Japanese
                            to English translation as well. When I first hit play earlier, I was
                            totally blown away by this ripping burly hardcore sound ! These
                            guys have a full hardcore sound, mixing older & newer elements,
                            yet still managing to sound like they are from the late 80's.
                            Awesome shredding Japanese hardcore, highly, highly, highly
                            recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              01 Chaotic Balance
                                              02 The Silent Lamb
                                              03 War In A Babylone
                                              04 The Promised Time
                                              05 Captured
                                              06 The White Statue of Christ Just Keep Silent


Coke Bust - Obscene Extreme Fest, Czech Republic 7-13-2012

                        This audio of Coke Bust at Obscene Extreme came from a video my
                        friend filmed at the show. Awesome set by my good buds from Coke
                        Bust ! I saw em about 3 weeks before this show in SoCal, with alot
                        of great bands ! Got in free thanks to Nick getting me on Coke Bust's
                        Guest List ! Free is always great, haha, thanks again Nick ! Anyway,
                        i've edited many great Live Coke Bust sets over the years, and they
                        seem to get better all the time ! Coke Bust fucking rules, and if you
                        don't know that by now, better grab all their releases, they are a must !!!!!
                        And if you live in Australia or South East Asia, get ready, cause they'll be
                        coming your way soon enough ! So here you go boys & girls, awesome
                        straight edge powerviolence in your face !!!!! Picture above is not from
                        Obscene Extreme Fest, trying to find a picture from the Fest. One more
                        quick note, props to Chris the drummer, one of the best drummers in the
                        hardcore/powerviolence scene these days ! Also props to the new guys,
                        awesome jobs !

                                    01 Another Fucking Problem
                                    02 Cycle Of Violence
                                    03 Leave Me Behind
                                    04 Fumigation
                                    05 Permanent Mission
                                    06 Fuck Bar Culture
                                    07 Under The Street Lights
                                    08 Forced Out
                                    09 Social Currency
                                    10 It's Time (The Faith)
                                    11 Division
                                    12 No Authority
                                    13 Deathbed
                                    14 Pain and Suffering
                                    15 Degradation
                                    16 Slow Down (Y.O.T.)
                                    17 Lines In The Sand