Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Satanic Legions Of Death - Demo Tape (1986) Yugoslavia

Originally posted September, 20 2011
Link Re-posted 8/19/2016

Seriously fast and furious speed/death
 metal from the mid 80's. Very obscure band,
                                              not sure if they ever released anything else.
                                              Ragingly fast and evil, bang your head at atomic
                                              speed !!!!!

                                                      02 Horror Tale
                                                      03 Malicious Death
                                                      04 Planet On The Point of Death
                                                      05 Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
                                                      06 No More Lies
                                                      07 Die Like A Beast
                                                      08 Ne Lazi Mi Zvezda


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  1. Hey Mike, you think you can compile all the recordings from Hoax and Failures please? I cant find it anywhere and I have linux os now. cant use soulseek. It'd help out a lot.

    adrianhatesyouall AT yahoo DOT com