Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brain Tumors - Live On KEXP, Seattle-Wa. 8-25-2012 (Minnesota)

                               My good bud from Brain Tumors sent me this Live set to
                               do my magic to. Found out about these dudes when they first
                               emerged on the scene. Met the singer after they put out their
                               Demo, he was downloading from me on the music program i'm
                               on. These dudes hail from Minniapolis, Minnesota, and have been
                               tearing up the scene (and many stages) for the last couple years !
                               They have releases on Fashionable Idiots, Deranged Records,
                               and the fucked up label that ripped off Brain Tumors, Dead Beat
                               Records. Dead Beat Records sucks, if any upcoming bands are
                               considering releasing anything on this label, please don't !!!!!
                               Anyhow, this is a really good radio recording with interview
                               included. If you haven't checked out Brain Tumors yet, where
                               have you been ? Theses guys just keep getting better, i'm sure
                               we'll be hearing more great stuff by them soon ! Download,
                               press play, no more need be said !!!!! Except, Brain Tumors rule !!!!!

                                                  01 Shadow People
                                                  02 I Feel Bad
                                                  03 Bargains
                                                  04 Group Therapy - V-Neck Reject
                                                  05 Side Effexor
                                                  06 Bulimaniac - Rules of Abuse
                                                  07 Scaphe
                                                  08 Shitiots
                                                  09 Interview      



  1. I was looking for exactly the same thing all day yesterday. I really wish more people write about brain injury it. I really appreciate the post and brain tumor is becoming very popular in men so update the people about it.

  2. Ah, ok, cool ! They are friends of mine, but they are from Minnesota & i'm from L.A., so i'm not always up to current date as to what's going on with the band. I hear from them maybe every few months, so hopefully I get an update soon !