Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blood Feast - Out Of Control ep (1998) Japan (Highly Recommended !!!!!)

                            This one came as a suprize to me, never heard of this band til
                            today. Got this rip from my good bud Andre in Holland. Came
                            as Side A & Side B. Fortunately came with decipered Japanese
                            to English translation as well. When I first hit play earlier, I was
                            totally blown away by this ripping burly hardcore sound ! These
                            guys have a full hardcore sound, mixing older & newer elements,
                            yet still managing to sound like they are from the late 80's.
                            Awesome shredding Japanese hardcore, highly, highly, highly
                            recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              01 Chaotic Balance
                                              02 The Silent Lamb
                                              03 War In A Babylone
                                              04 The Promised Time
                                              05 Captured
                                              06 The White Statue of Christ Just Keep Silent



  1. they have one more ep called "war in a babylon" and a split ep with Poison Cola

  2. Yep, I know, I downloaded those from my friend yesterday.