Monday, November 18, 2013

Pusrad - Test Piss (testpress mispress) (2013) Sweden (5/5 copies)

                            Geat great band, I loved this band from the start !
                            Patrick Sjösten & Peter Swedenhammar of Raped Tennagers are
                            Raped Teenagers of course were an awesome Swedish
                            band that started in the good old 80's, my favorite decade ! :)
                            These guys created Pusrad as a short, fast and to the point style
                            and attitude of straight forward ripping hardcore !!!!!
                            This one was sent to me as a link from my friend in Novosibirsk,
                            Russia. Here is the blog that posted the link:
                            Not too familiar with this blog, but very greatful they posted Pusrad !
                            This was originally released as the test press for the Modern Anatomi
                            These guys have done many releases including a Discography tape,
                            although they don't play Live or Tour. I really wish they did play Live,
                            hopefully that will happen someday ! :)
                            Anyway, i'll just shut up now and say, Pusrad rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            01 Modern Anatomi
                            02 Vad Blir Det För Mat ?
                            03 Tillåten För Bjuden
                            04 Programmerad
                            05 Paragraf 3
                            06 Död Konst
                            07 Människans Väl
                            08 Skottår
                            09 Poga



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SOYA - 5 Track Demo (2012) Fresno

                                  First heard about this band a couple years ago. Being a
                                  huge fan of Straight Edge Kegger, i've been searching for
                                  any releases by SOYA.
                                  I was on some blog yesterday, and it mentioned they had a
                                  demo out. So I searched for the demo, and it happened to
                                  pop up online yesterday.
                                  Really damn impressive crusty fast hardcore, I totally
                                  dig this demo !!!!! In the vein of Disrupt, but not as grind
                                  Featuring Lonnie from Straight Edge Kegger on guitar.
                                  These guys shred !!!!!

                                  01 Oppressive Powers
                                  02 Polluted Greed
                                  03 Arrogant Bastard
                                  04 Senseless Luxury
                                  05 Squandered (Disrupt)


Monday, November 4, 2013

Foodchain - Screaming For Something ep (2001) Japan

                             Not sure if they released a Demo and/or more releases than these
                             2 ep's, but I do know they were on at least a few compilations.
                             This ep totally rules !!!!! Raging Japanese hardcore at it's best !!!!!

                               01 Countless Hedges
                               02 Pain
                               03 Trapped In
                               04 Standing Here


Foodchain - Fundamental 7'' (1996) Japan

                           I just recently heard about these guys, from late 90's/early 2000's.
                           Coming from Japan, with a high energy, fast hardcore attitude, these
                           guys just rip it up !
                           My friend Andre from Holland ripped this ep just a couple weeks ago,
                           and when I first heard it, it just blew me away, love this band !!!!!

                             01 Limitation
                             02 Surface
                             03 Nothingness
                             04 About Yourself
                             05 Fallout
                             06 Strings