Monday, November 18, 2013

Pusrad - Test Piss (testpress mispress) (2013) Sweden (5/5 copies)

                            Geat great band, I loved this band from the start !
                            Patrick Sjösten & Peter Swedenhammar of Raped Tennagers are
                            Raped Teenagers of course were an awesome Swedish
                            band that started in the good old 80's, my favorite decade ! :)
                            These guys created Pusrad as a short, fast and to the point style
                            and attitude of straight forward ripping hardcore !!!!!
                            This one was sent to me as a link from my friend in Novosibirsk,
                            Russia. Here is the blog that posted the link:
                            Not too familiar with this blog, but very greatful they posted Pusrad !
                            This was originally released as the test press for the Modern Anatomi
                            These guys have done many releases including a Discography tape,
                            although they don't play Live or Tour. I really wish they did play Live,
                            hopefully that will happen someday ! :)
                            Anyway, i'll just shut up now and say, Pusrad rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            01 Modern Anatomi
                            02 Vad Blir Det För Mat ?
                            03 Tillåten För Bjuden
                            04 Programmerad
                            05 Paragraf 3
                            06 Död Konst
                            07 Människans Väl
                            08 Skottår
                            09 Poga



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