Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SOYA - 5 Track Demo (2012) Fresno

                                  First heard about this band a couple years ago. Being a
                                  huge fan of Straight Edge Kegger, i've been searching for
                                  any releases by SOYA.
                                  I was on some blog yesterday, and it mentioned they had a
                                  demo out. So I searched for the demo, and it happened to
                                  pop up online yesterday.
                                  Really damn impressive crusty fast hardcore, I totally
                                  dig this demo !!!!! In the vein of Disrupt, but not as grind
                                  Featuring Lonnie from Straight Edge Kegger on guitar.
                                  These guys shred !!!!!

                                  01 Oppressive Powers
                                  02 Polluted Greed
                                  03 Arrogant Bastard
                                  04 Senseless Luxury
                                  05 Squandered (Disrupt)



  1. Hi there,
    My name is Kelsey and I just wanted to mention that Soya is my old band and Meg from Straight Edge Kegger didn't do vocals for Soya. The only Straight Edge Kegger Member in Soya was Lonnie who played guitar. Soya broke up over two years ago but some of us currently play in different bands. This is the only demo we put out and we only made 70 copies.

    1. Cool, thanks for the info Kelsey ! I'm assuming you were on vocals then maybe ? Awesome Demo, you guys ruled !!!!! You in any bands these days ?

  2. No prob man. Thank you, I'm really glad you dig the the Soya demo. Yes, that's me on vocals. I would totally send you a physical demo but my distro/label (Dark Raids) who put out the Soya demo doesn't have anymore. But I do have a friend who has a few copies left in his distro. If you'd like, I can point you in his direction? My boyfriend Mitchell (drummer from Soya) and I are currently in a band called Stark Moon. He plays drums and I do vocals. Here's a link to a song from our demo
    Let me know if you like it and I can send you a demo. Cheers mate!


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