Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Forever Annihilating The Obese (F.A.T.O.)/Take One For The Team - Split 7'' (2009) Canada


                     Alright, this one coming from one of my favorite Canadian powerviolence
bands F.A.T.O. Been looking for F.A.T.O. side of the split for a few years.
Finally stumbled on to their side just recently, so had to grab and edit.
Raging powerviolence/fastcore from two bands that embodied these
genres with vigor, technical mastery and style !
Unfortunately F.A.T.O. lost their bass player Michal Majewski in
2009, when he was found dead after a hiking accident. 
Their guitar player Riley Hoffman went on to form the band G.O.D.,
who are still cranking out many releases.
Take One For The Team's last release was in 2012, not sure if they
are still active.
This split is powerviolence/fastcore at it's best, I highly recommend this 
bad boy !

R.I.P.  Michal Majewski & F.A.T.O.

01 F.A.T.O. - Labor of Hate
02 F.A.T.O. - Bile
03 F.A.T.O. - In Five Years This Song Will Sound Dated and Antiquated
04 F.A.T.O. - Hearing Aid
05 F.A.T.O. - Cookie Cutter
06 Take One For The Team - Lane Drain
07 Take One For The Team - Not So Fine Grind
08 Take One For The Team - Find Them And Bill Them
09 Take One For The Team - Leave The Fun To Us
10 Take One For The Team - Man On Thin Ice Photographing 
Young Boy On Motorcycle
11 Take One For The Team - Segway Circle Pit
12 Take One For The Team - Doom Buggy
13 Take One For The Team - Capital Breakdown
14 Take One For The Team - Smiles Are Typical

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chlorine - Rehearsal II (2015) Toronto-Ontario, Canada

    Second rehearsal by these newer kings of distortion !
    Ripping good raw distorted hardcore, just the way I like it !
    They put out a Demo late last year that caught my attention.
    Then when they put out their first rehearsal, I edited it for this
    blog earlier this year:
    Damn good up n' coming band from from a city that breeds great
    great bands, the beautiful city of Toronto !

    01 Circles
    02 Power
    03 Agony