Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DxIxE ‎– d.i.e.r.r.e.a. CDr (2009) Japan

                   Found this on You Tube recently, glad to see someone uploaded this
                   monster !
                   Japanese noisecore at it's best !!!!!
                   These guys started back in the mid to late 90's, paying homage to
                   ripping raw noise-ladened hardcore.
                   Honestly, me not being a huge fan of noise, i'm not as familiar with
                   that genre.
                   But lately I have been getting into more noise & noisecore type bands.
                   I've been into bands like DxIxE and Conga Fury since they first started,
                   but they are more hardcore influenced noise, which I prefer.
                   Ok, enough of my rambling, this one is a barnburner of a CDr !!!!!
                   Godzilla approves this message ! :)

                   01 Not Go For A Lie - Slave Of Meat
                   02 Comerder
                   03 Black Daimon
                   04 Tacos Or Die (Mike Story)
                   05 From Nishiogikubo To Nishiogikubo
                   06 D.I.E.R.R.E.A.
                   07 徐徐良良
                   08 00:01
                   09 Guts 'N' Bowels
                   10 Doctor Stop
                   11 Torture Pt. 8
                   12 Nature Pt. 8
                   13 Cripper 5
                   14 Not Go For A Lie - Slave Of Meat