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Sordo - Collection 2012-2013 cassette (2014) El Rio, California

My final Sordo post is from a cassette compliation
of their releases from 2012-2013. This one is a rager !!!!!
I've known Eddie (who sings for Sordo) a couple years now,
very cool dude ! He sent me their 08'-12' collection 2 years
back. A little while after I received that cd-r, I worked on
the Sordo - Broken Sound Barrier collection, which I just 
re-edited soundwise a day or so ago. I re-edited a large  
portion of the 2012-2013 collection in digital form as well. 
Both collections combined are a large portion of the Sordo 
Sordo has always ruled in my opinion, haha, loved em' since
the first time I heard em' ! These cool cats from El Rio/Oxnard
region are the epitome of what stellar powerviolence is all about !!!!! 
One of my favorites from SoCal !!!!! 
Long Live Sordo !!!!!!!!!! Viva Sordo !!!!! :)

Sordo/Chulo split

01 Forcible Entry
02 Our Nations Finest
03 Chris Doesn't Like Noisecore

Sordo/Hipster Trash split

05 Blue Steel
06 Dissent
07 A Necessary Good
08 Sleeping In

Sordo/To-Die split

09 Drowning Wasp
10 Killing Time
11 My Stomach Sticks Out Further Than My Dick
12 Orge Cum
13 Ladron
14 Only Human

Sordo/SMG split

15 Good Guys Go To Hell (Live)
16 Gumby (Live)
17 Hadouken! (Live)
18 No! Marco (Live)
19 Skull Stomp (Live)

Sordo & Crowhurst collaboration

20 Knife Wound
21 Killing Time
22 Failed Experiment
23 Ladtron
24 Genetic War Song
25 Delusional
26 Only Human
27 Low Life Piece of Shit
28 Our Nations Finest
29 Bloody Nose Seduction
30 Skull Stomp
31 Forcible Entry

Sordo/Deep Fried Embryo split

32 Habre La Maldita Puerta!
33 Porque Diablo Hacea
34 Aqui Estoy!
35 Y Mis Periodiscos
36 Es Tu Vecino
37 Tienes El Numero
38 No, These Songs Aren't Repeat
39 Learn Spanish
40 Fuck Bill O Riely

Sordo/Chimpowa split

41 Bedroom Protesters

Sordo/Cultapse split

42 I Wish I Had Paws
43 No1 Marco
44 Good Guys Go To Hell
45 Jury Duty Fucking Sucks
46 Low Life Piece of Shit
47 If This Song Describes You Then Fuck You
48 Skull Stomp

Sordo/W.C.P.C. split

49 Pizza Wasted

Sordo/Chainsaw Squid split

50 See No Evil Intro 1
51 Haha (You're On Itunes)
52 See No Evil Intro 2
53 Cool Runnings
54 See No Evil Intro 3
55 Bill Plander (Is A Pedophile)
56 See No Evil Outro

Sordo/Hiroshima Vacation split

57 We Love Dominoes
58 Boom
59 Carbonized 
60 Hilo Y Telarana (Wages of Fear)
61 Gondor Rising

Sordo from 6 Way split tape

62 6 Way Split Intro
63 Let's Start A Band
64 D-Beating A Horse
65 Mince-Core Wannabe's
66 You Should Make A...
67 6 Way Split Outro

Other Trimmings

68 Car Ridge De Ton
69 Eaten By A Squid
70 Mi-Ra-Sa

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sordo - Broken Sound Barrier Collection (2012) El Rio/Oxnard (compiled and edited by oldschoolmike) Repost

Originally Posted Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here's a band hailing from good old Oxnard, the place where
Nardcore sprung from in the early 80's. 
  I first heard about Sordo from my Colombian friend in Chulo
a great South American powerviolence/grind combo. He sent 
    me their split with Sordo, and I was hooked ! I looked up Sordo 
  on the net, and was able to find their Collection 08'-12' cd-r for 
download. Totally awesome collection of pure raw and sweat 
    driven powerviolence ! I saw that the last 5 or so tracks on their 
         collection were not split into individual tracks, they were the whole 
recordings from Demo and splits.
      If you know me, then you know I had to split all these recordings
for the love of hardcore/fastcore/powerviolence ! :) 
         I recently contacted Eduardo, the singer from Sordo, and he gave 
me the go-ahead to do my magic. 
      Art included in this post are random cool art and pics from their 
          Collection cd-r. 
      So without further ado, get ready to rumble, cause here is some 
             awesome raging powerviolence in your face !!!!! 
I give you the nuclear explosive sounds of Sordo !!!!!

Sordo - Demo

01 A Necessary Few
02 Dissent
03 Drowning Wasp
04 Hadouken!
05 I Wish I Had Paws
06 High and Dry
07 Te Sales
08 Orge Cum - Ladron
09 Only Human
10 Skull Stomp
11 Malo
12 The Complexities of Jury Duty
13 Outro

Sordo/CancerxPatient - split

14 Lowlife Piece of Shit
15 Absolutely No Hardcore Dancing
16 If This Song Describes You Then Fuck Off
17 My Stomach Sticks Out Further Than My Dick

Sordo/Full Blown Aids - split

18 What To The American Slave Is Your Fourth of July
19 Never Trust A Tweaker
20 Blast Song
21 Forcible Entry
22 Jam Song

Sordo/Crutch - split

23 No! Marco
24 Fuck Television
25 Your Band Sucks
26 Killing Time
27 Outro

Sordo/Corrupt Humanity - split

28 Failed Experiment
29 Good Guys Go To Hell
30 Swarm
31 Sleeping In
32 Warsystem (Shitlickers)

Sordo/Chulo - split

33 Forcible Entry
34 Our Nations Finest
35 Chris Doesn't Like Noisecore

Sordo/Knifewound - split

36 Raw Off or Die
37 El Chapo
38 Ludicrous Speed
39 Covers...
40 Always Wondering
41 For My Sweetie
42 Outro

Sordo - Live @ Almost Holden Collective, Santa Monica-Ca. 4-26-2014

                              Part 2 in my Sordo - Live series.
                              Recent show from April this year, with a very cool line-up !
                              Got this one from Marco (No! Marco), edited from video to
                              Ripping good Live fun from the dark depths of Southern California !!!!!

                              01 No! Marco
                              02 No HxCx Dancing
                              03 Gumby
                              04 The Complexities of Jury Duty
                              05 My Stomach Sticks Out Further Then My Dick
                              06 Hadouken!
                              07 Orge Cum - Ladron
                              08 Eddie Madec (Let's Start A Band)
                              09 Skull Stomp
                              10 Chris Doesn't Like Noisecore


Sordo - Live @ The Echo, Los Angeles-Ca. 1-13-2013 (Infest reunion show)

                            Have been working on mucho Sordo edits the last 2 or3 weeks,
                            finally done with everything !
                            So theres alot of awesome stuff to post now !
                            Gonna start the post onslaught with the full Sordo set from the
                            first Infest reunion show back in early 2013.
                            So I highly highly recommend you grab the next 4 posts !!!!!
                            El Rio Powerviolence obliterates !!!!!

                            01 Forcible Entry
                            02 Drowning Wasp
                            03 Gumby
                            04 Our Nations Finest
                            05 My Stomach Sticks Out Further Than My Dick
                            06 Orge Cum - Ladron
                            07 High and Dry
                            08 Killing Time
                            09 I Wish I Had Paws
                            10 No! Marco
                            11 Good Guys Go To Hell
                            12 The Complexities of Jury Duty
                            13 Low Life Piece of Shit
                            14 If This Song Describes You Then Fuck Off
                            15 Skull Stomp




Boneshaker - Live @ The Bearcave, Detroit-Mi. 8-1-2012 (Michigan)

                         Alright, i'm finally back, took a break for a few weeks.
                         Been meaning to put some stuff up, been working on finalizing some
                         edits, which I will post today.
                         These guys hail from the lovely state of Michigan, and rip out stylings
                         of Hardcore/Fastcore that are pleasing to the ears !
                         This set was sent to me by Ricky the guitar player of Boneshaker.
                         Set dates back a couple years, band is on hiatus at the moment.
                         Hopefully these guys will get back in the swing of things again soon !
                         If you haven't heard them, I recommend their debut release, We've
                         Created A Monster. You can grab that here:
                         Really good band, I definitely suggest you grab this and their bandcamp
                         release !

                        01 Poison
                        02 Lead By Example
                        03 Impaired
                        04 The Dead Tree
                        05 Itchy Tasty
                        06 Prodigal
                        07 Stupid Question
                        08 Estranged
                        09 Cops and Robbers
                        10 Success