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Sordo - Broken Sound Barrier Collection (2012) El Rio/Oxnard (compiled and edited by oldschoolmike) Repost

Originally Posted Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here's a band hailing from good old Oxnard, the place where
Nardcore sprung from in the early 80's. 
  I first heard about Sordo from my Colombian friend in Chulo
a great South American powerviolence/grind combo. He sent 
    me their split with Sordo, and I was hooked ! I looked up Sordo 
  on the net, and was able to find their Collection 08'-12' cd-r for 
download. Totally awesome collection of pure raw and sweat 
    driven powerviolence ! I saw that the last 5 or so tracks on their 
         collection were not split into individual tracks, they were the whole 
recordings from Demo and splits.
      If you know me, then you know I had to split all these recordings
for the love of hardcore/fastcore/powerviolence ! :) 
         I recently contacted Eduardo, the singer from Sordo, and he gave 
me the go-ahead to do my magic. 
      Art included in this post are random cool art and pics from their 
          Collection cd-r. 
      So without further ado, get ready to rumble, cause here is some 
             awesome raging powerviolence in your face !!!!! 
I give you the nuclear explosive sounds of Sordo !!!!!

Sordo - Demo

01 A Necessary Few
02 Dissent
03 Drowning Wasp
04 Hadouken!
05 I Wish I Had Paws
06 High and Dry
07 Te Sales
08 Orge Cum - Ladron
09 Only Human
10 Skull Stomp
11 Malo
12 The Complexities of Jury Duty
13 Outro

Sordo/CancerxPatient - split

14 Lowlife Piece of Shit
15 Absolutely No Hardcore Dancing
16 If This Song Describes You Then Fuck Off
17 My Stomach Sticks Out Further Than My Dick

Sordo/Full Blown Aids - split

18 What To The American Slave Is Your Fourth of July
19 Never Trust A Tweaker
20 Blast Song
21 Forcible Entry
22 Jam Song

Sordo/Crutch - split

23 No! Marco
24 Fuck Television
25 Your Band Sucks
26 Killing Time
27 Outro

Sordo/Corrupt Humanity - split

28 Failed Experiment
29 Good Guys Go To Hell
30 Swarm
31 Sleeping In
32 Warsystem (Shitlickers)

Sordo/Chulo - split

33 Forcible Entry
34 Our Nations Finest
35 Chris Doesn't Like Noisecore

Sordo/Knifewound - split

36 Raw Off or Die
37 El Chapo
38 Ludicrous Speed
39 Covers...
40 Always Wondering
41 For My Sweetie
42 Outro

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