Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sordo - Collection 2012-2013 cassette (2014) El Rio, California

My final Sordo post is from a cassette compliation
of their releases from 2012-2013. This one is a rager !!!!!
I've known Eddie (who sings for Sordo) a couple years now,
very cool dude ! He sent me their 08'-12' collection 2 years
back. A little while after I received that cd-r, I worked on
the Sordo - Broken Sound Barrier collection, which I just 
re-edited soundwise a day or so ago. I re-edited a large  
portion of the 2012-2013 collection in digital form as well. 
Both collections combined are a large portion of the Sordo 
Sordo has always ruled in my opinion, haha, loved em' since
the first time I heard em' ! These cool cats from El Rio/Oxnard
region are the epitome of what stellar powerviolence is all about !!!!! 
One of my favorites from SoCal !!!!! 
Long Live Sordo !!!!!!!!!! Viva Sordo !!!!! :)

Sordo/Chulo split

01 Forcible Entry
02 Our Nations Finest
03 Chris Doesn't Like Noisecore

Sordo/Hipster Trash split

05 Blue Steel
06 Dissent
07 A Necessary Good
08 Sleeping In

Sordo/To-Die split

09 Drowning Wasp
10 Killing Time
11 My Stomach Sticks Out Further Than My Dick
12 Orge Cum
13 Ladron
14 Only Human

Sordo/SMG split

15 Good Guys Go To Hell (Live)
16 Gumby (Live)
17 Hadouken! (Live)
18 No! Marco (Live)
19 Skull Stomp (Live)

Sordo & Crowhurst collaboration

20 Knife Wound
21 Killing Time
22 Failed Experiment
23 Ladtron
24 Genetic War Song
25 Delusional
26 Only Human
27 Low Life Piece of Shit
28 Our Nations Finest
29 Bloody Nose Seduction
30 Skull Stomp
31 Forcible Entry

Sordo/Deep Fried Embryo split

32 Habre La Maldita Puerta!
33 Porque Diablo Hacea
34 Aqui Estoy!
35 Y Mis Periodiscos
36 Es Tu Vecino
37 Tienes El Numero
38 No, These Songs Aren't Repeat
39 Learn Spanish
40 Fuck Bill O Riely

Sordo/Chimpowa split

41 Bedroom Protesters

Sordo/Cultapse split

42 I Wish I Had Paws
43 No1 Marco
44 Good Guys Go To Hell
45 Jury Duty Fucking Sucks
46 Low Life Piece of Shit
47 If This Song Describes You Then Fuck You
48 Skull Stomp

Sordo/W.C.P.C. split

49 Pizza Wasted

Sordo/Chainsaw Squid split

50 See No Evil Intro 1
51 Haha (You're On Itunes)
52 See No Evil Intro 2
53 Cool Runnings
54 See No Evil Intro 3
55 Bill Plander (Is A Pedophile)
56 See No Evil Outro

Sordo/Hiroshima Vacation split

57 We Love Dominoes
58 Boom
59 Carbonized 
60 Hilo Y Telarana (Wages of Fear)
61 Gondor Rising

Sordo from 6 Way split tape

62 6 Way Split Intro
63 Let's Start A Band
64 D-Beating A Horse
65 Mince-Core Wannabe's
66 You Should Make A...
67 6 Way Split Outro

Other Trimmings

68 Car Ridge De Ton
69 Eaten By A Squid
70 Mi-Ra-Sa


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