Sunday, December 22, 2019

Hospitalet - S-T EP (2006) Sweden

                           There seems to be some confusion as to when this band was around,
                           unless they might have reformed.
                           They had a bandcamp years ago with most of their recordings on it,
                           but most were not downloadable.
                           What I was able to download was listed as a recording from 2006.
                           So, i'm not sure the band is still together, but they've just released
                           an EP.
                           Pretty sure the new EP was recorded also in 2006, but i'm not 100% sure ?
                           Anyway, here is the recording I have.
                           These guys rule !!!!!

                           01 Gor Slut Pa Allt Med En Terroristattack
                           02 Du Har Ingen Framtid
                           03 Alla Ner Ser
                           04 Forakt


Monday, December 2, 2019

Sniper Culture - High On Creatine (2018) Chicago

                              Been a while since I posted, need to post a ton ! :)
                              This one from 2018, Sniper Culture from Chicago.
                              Last post was from their earlier release from 2019,
                              Peace Is Annihilation.
                              Newer noisier HC from the midwest.
                              This band definitely has a sound of their own.
                              Not saying this style hasn't been done before, what I am saying is
                              these guys do it very well and with some originality.
                              Ripping good fun, I highly recommend Sniper Culture !!!!!

                              01 Target
                              02 Utopia
                              03 Outside
                              04 Stuck
                              05 Believe
                              06 Kill
                              07 Outro


Sniper Culture - Peace Is Annihilation Cassette (2019) Chicago

                        Just heard about these guys a few months back, been awaiting their
                        new EP Combat Rock.
                        This is their previous release from earlier 2019. They also put out High
                        On Creatine back in 2018, which i'll post next.
                        Wicked good noisy hardcore from the windy city Chicago !
                        Loving this band !!!!!

                       01 Intro
                       02 Control
                       03 Outside
                       04 Absolute Failure