Monday, December 2, 2019

Sniper Culture - High On Creatine (2018) Chicago

                              Been a while since I posted, need to post a ton ! :)
                              This one from 2018, Sniper Culture from Chicago.
                              Last post was from their earlier release from 2019,
                              Peace Is Annihilation.
                              Newer noisier HC from the midwest.
                              This band definitely has a sound of their own.
                              Not saying this style hasn't been done before, what I am saying is
                              these guys do it very well and with some originality.
                              Ripping good fun, I highly recommend Sniper Culture !!!!!

                              01 Target
                              02 Utopia
                              03 Outside
                              04 Stuck
                              05 Believe
                              06 Kill
                              07 Outro


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