Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stetz - 22 Song Demo (82 or 83?) New Jersey

Here is one I ripped a few years ago, from my ancient collection.
Other blogs have posted this in the past, but all of them used my rip.
I sent away for this one back in either 82' or 83', trying to jog my old
brain to remember. Anyhow, I actually found the letter and envelope
this tape came in the other day, and was amazed at all the cool art &
stuff that came with it ! So glad I kept this stuff ! Time to start digging
upmore anchient shit, I know I have more cool shit hiding in old
closets and boxes. But back to Stetz, this tape and the art I posted
are all included in the download, including the letter Brian Sommer
sent me a million ages ago ! Classic 80's New Jersey hardcore, if
you don't have this one, what are you waiting for, grab it !!!!!

01 A Man With No Purpose To Live
02 Union
03 Live, Love & Fight
04 East Coast Slamming
05 Kean College
06 Jo-Jo
07 Machine Gun Mary
08 Money
09 Suburban Nightmare
10 Dreamer
11 Tattoo I Hate You
12 Anarchy Sucks
13 You're Fired
14 Jail Term
15 Anthem
16 Top Secret
17 His Life's So Tough
18 Nuclear War
19 Ain't Gonna Be In No Army
20 Looking For Somewhere To Play
21 Another Hard Guys With Trans Ams Suck Song
22 Good Ole Rock n' Roll (aka- Surfing & Slamming)

P.S. - If you are out there Brian Sommer, hit me up ! According
to my letter from 82' or 83', you still owe me 2 bucks :) Hahaha,
if any of the Stetz guys are out there, please contact me, like to
get in touch with you guys and shoot the shit about the old days !

Monday, December 26, 2011

Washington Disease - No Need To Care 7'' (1993) pre-Onward/Insurance Risk (Norway)

Here is the long awaited 7'' i've been searching for since my
good bud in Norway told me about these guys. Members went
on to the great Onward and almighty Insurace Risk ! This 7''
does not disappoint, fast and ripping hardcore like the bands
they formed afterwards. This ep is essential for all collectors of
hardcore !!!!! Thanks a million to my friend in Norway, who's
name escapes me at the moment, good god my brain is old ! :)
Anyway, here you go !!!!!

01 How Many Reasons
02 No Need To Care
03 Vacant Minds
04 Coward
05 Tears
06 Pushed
07 Nothing To Give - Negative Attitude
08 Cold World
09 On The Surface
10 Learning
11 Sad To See

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wasteaway + Washington Disease - split ep (1993) Norway

Here's the stuff i've been waiting for for a long time ! Next
2 posts are of a band i've been trying to track down for quite
some time, and now it is a reality. Washington Disease was
made up of guys that went on to form Onward, Insurance
Risk, Common Cause, and a few other cool bands i'd
also like to track down. This split with Wasteaway and
their 7'', are the only known recordings I know of, not
sure if they made a Demo. Not familiar with Wasteaway,
but would also like to find other releases by them. Next
post is their 7'', a must have !!!!!

01 Wasteaway - As I See It
02 Wasteaway - New Start
03 Wasteaway - Rimi
04 Washington Disease - Confrontation
05 Washington Disease - Not In Here
06 Washington Disease - Take Control
07 Washington Disease - Sleep of Reason

Gain - Consider.... Tape (1991) Norway

01 Open Your Eyes
02 Something New
03 Break Free
04 Piece Of Mind
05 Consider
06 Let Down
07 Through Thick & Thin
08 Away
09 Hardcore Pride
10 Memories

Updated Link 6/20/2014

Clean Cut - The Bond That Ties! Demo (1998) Grenland, Norway

01 Just A trend
02 Drugfree
03 No Regreats
04 Growing Stronger
05 In Your Face
06 Our Bond
07 Keep Clear
08 Can't Forgive

Last Straw - Demo (1990) Molde, Norway

My next few posts are a tribute to the 90's straight edge scene in
Norway. My good friend in Norway sent me these Demos
earlier today, very much appreciated !!!!!

01 Not Alone
02 Better Life
03 Escape From Truth
04 Try Again
05 Self Importance
06 Conealed Suffering
07 A
08 Mutual Respect
09 Before Sunrise

Updated Link 6/20/2014

Saturday, December 17, 2011

R.O.C. (Retards On Caffeine) - The Sum of All Beers 7'' (2010) Vancouver, Canada

Here is the 7'' from R.O.C., this thing shreds !!!!! As I explained
in the previous post, these guys are heavily influenced by fast
crossover/fastcore, with definite inspiration from bands like
D.F.A., S.O.D. and the such. My friend Szuk is in this band, as well
as in Violent Nun, and hopefully we might see them again in the
future ! There last show is coming up soon ! If you like thrash/
thrashcore/fastcore/crossover, you need this gem of gold for
your collection !!!!! Play loud, it will make you stage dive
off your couch, bed or whatever furniture is in close vicinity ! :)

01 Thrash Your Way To A Better You
02 Burger Shots
03 Drain The Lizard
04 Gruber Miester
05 S.U.I.
06 R.O.C.
07 Couch Mosh
08 Rape The Pavement
09 Surf Heil
10 Hurry Up Let's Skate
11 Ballad of Darth Vader
12 Ballad of Farrah Fawcett
13 Ballad of Michael Jackson

R.O.C. (Retards On Caffeine) - Last Call Tape (2011) Vancouver, Canada

Here is my friend Mr. Szuk's first band R.O.C. They play a fast
crossover style in the same vein as D.F.A. and/or ealy Municipal
Waste. Really awesome underated band that not alot of people
know about. This is scheduled to be their last release, last show
will take place very soon in Kamloops with their good friends
and split mates (on Young Fucks On Caffeine split) Young
Oppression. These guys blew me away first time I heard em,
ripping fast and killer, definitely check em out ! Next post
will be their 7'', also a raging crossover masterpiece !

01 Hail Skatan
02 Jagerbomber
03 Kinky Kung-Fu
04 Blast Beat For Your Kids
05 Loose & Sloppy
06 The Sum of All Beers
07 Too Fast My Ass
08 Nie Gramy Na Punkty
09 Wizards
10 Milk (S.O.D.)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Violent Nun - Demo (2011) Vancouver, Canada

                                  Got this from my friend Mr. Szuk in Vancouver (who is
                                  also in the band R.O.C.). This is his other band Violent Nun,
                                  who rip it up in a fast and viciously explosive way ! Ripping
                                  hardcore from the great white north, with styles of thrash/
                                  crossover/fastcore ! Thanks to Mr. Old Fast & Loud for
                                  raising the volume, and providing the eerie alternate negative
                                  cover of their atwork on this demo ! Check em out, and get in
                                  the pit !!!!!

                                                     01 Goyangi-Soju
                                                     02 Birth Rape
                                                     03 Piece of Meat
                                                     04 Witch Hunt (Dropdead)
                                                     05 Quarterback
                                                     06 Subsidized Sadism
                                                     07 Olympic Gold
                                                     08 Armed Conflict


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Despojo - Live @ Liceo De Aplicacion, Santiago-Chile 11-26-2011

My good bud from Chile sent me a link to a Live video set from his
new band, thought i'd edit it into an audio set. Hailing from Santiago
Chile, formerly members of the great Murieron Gritando, comes the
new PV masters, Despojo ! Brand new band, Demo coming very soon !
Grab it, and pray to the powerviolence gods !!!!!

01 Newen Peni
02 Paso A Paso
03 New Song (Untitled)
04 New Song (Untitled)
05 Maldecimos
06 Una Temporada En El Infierno Con Salvador Allende y Augusto Pinoche


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kontaminat - Demo (2011) Chicago

This one was sent to me by my good friend Pat, who has resided
in many great Chicago bands such as: Rat Bastards, Urethra
Franklin & The Ghetto Children, Chronic Seizure, and the newest
project Kontaminat. Kontaminat is a newly formed band with
members of Los Crudos, Chronic Seizure, and Sin Orden. Great
hardcore, fast & raw, reminds me kind of The Repos mixed with
aspects of Dead Stop. Demo was recorded with very low sound,
so I raised and equalized the volume. Awesome demo, highly 
recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01 Team Player
02 Guinea Pigs
03 Timeless
04 Tenure Hellstorm
05 Costume
06 Far From A Threat

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

D.S.-13 - Practice Session, August 1997 (Sweden)

Here's one that Mr. Old Fast & Loud told me about, it was on
a blog I can't remember the name of at the moment. It was on
the blog as 1 track, and luckily came with a tracklist, which
made it alot easier to split. Old Fast & Loud blog will be
posting this plus the L.A. set I edited, but the versions he
puts up will be cleaned up a bit more, and will be in CD-R

01 Intro - Get Away
02 Fukk The Cops
03 Society Scandal
04 Fukked Up System
05 Degenerated Generation
06 My Revenge
07 Fukked Up On Glue
08 Nuclear Holocaust
09 Fukk Your Life
10 Big Head Small Legs
11 Lady Die
12 Suiciety Made Us
13 My Life My Rules
14 I Hate You
15 D.S.-13
16 I Hate Silverchair
17 Instrumental

Link reposted 4-5-2017

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beartrap - Nailed Shut ep (2011) Boston

Record release cover.

To Live A Lie cover.

Here's one I originally found on a blog who put up the digital
download they recieved with the 7''. The digital download was
never ripped correctly, songs cut off in beginnings and ends.
About 5 different blogs put up that horrible rip of this ep. I
asked the band to send it to me as 1 MP3, but they were on
Tour at the time and didn't have access to their stuff. Finally,
just recently a blog ripped the 7'' as Side A and Side B, what a
relief ! Now that I have the ability to do my magic, I finally did !
Did the best I could with this recording, songs very short and
jammed together. Fucking excellent ep, definitely worth
re-editing !!!!! Here you go !

01 Intro - Leadmouth
02 Absentminded
03 Lack of Effort
04 Drop Like Flies
05 Overbearing
06 Execution Style
07 Trashtown
08 No Home For The Restless
09 Nailed Shut
10 Shitting Needles
11 Mouthguard
12 20/20
13 Shit End of The Stick
14 Damaged Kids
15 God, Fearing Youth
16 Push and Pull

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New releases to check out !

                                  Thought i'd take a minute to promote my friends bands
                                  great new releases !

                                   Hailing from Ovik and Umea Sweden, my good bud Robin
                                   Wallride's bands just released two new ep's, The Wallrides
                                   and Sankt.
                                   Sankt has been around about 2 years, and features members
                                   of D.S.-13, Insurgent Rat, and The Wallrides. Sankt have a
                                   great 80's hardcore sound that take influence from bands like
                                   Minor Threat, Battalion of Saints and the such. Both bands
                                   are awesome, visit their bancamp sites, and check em out !


                                 The Wallrides have been around about 3 or 4 years now, and
                                 rip out some great 80's style US influenced hardcore, excellent
                                 band !
                                 Both bands are awesome, visit their bancamp sites, and check em
                                 out !


                                Next band hails from the state of Minnesota, where alot of great
                                great bands have emerged !
                                Brain Tumors is the band, and they are getting alot of notice of
                                late. Their Demo from early 2011 was killer ! Fast 80's style
                                hardcore, with some modern and garage influences as well.

                                Their new ep has gotten rave reviews in Max Rn'R magazine,
                                 and their new 7'' is on the great Fashionable Idiots record label,
                                 run by Andy from Formaldehyde Junkies. I highly recommend
                                 buying this one from the label, fantastic ep !!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Coke Bust - Oldschoolmike's Bustography (2011) Unofficial Discography (D.C.)

Reposted 5/24/2017

Just wanted to make a discography for the hell of it. Have made
a few unofficial discographies in the past. Nick & Chris from Coke Bust
are friends of mine, known Nick since he was in Bail Out. Him
and Chris have been on my download list for many years, 
and i've edited a few Live sets for them. Great dudes, 
love those guys ! I think they will like this one :) Track list
included in dload.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Death Token - All Dreams Are Nightmares lp (2011) Denmark

A friend of mine ripped this one and sent it to me as 2 tracks this
morning. Newer release from one of Denmark's finest ! Been
waiting for this lp for a while, it totally rules !!!!! Great band!
Here's the dload, but please buy the lp and support these
dudes !!!!!

01 Intro - War and Order
02 Death Scene
03 Laughing Noose
04 Venemous
05 Exploding Grave
06 Engine of Hell
07 Black Seeds
08 All Dreams Are Nightmares
09 Will To Survive
10 Year After Year
11 Signal Distress
12 Warthrone
13 Haunted
14 No Cease
15 Highest Place
16 Ripper
17 Outro

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rat Byte - Live @ Radiobeat-WERS, Boston 09-24-2005

Her's another great band from New England area, Connecticut to be exact.
This recording was also sent by Old Fast & Loud, and split by yours truely.
This one is also from WERS Radiobeat (Emerson College in Boston)
from 2005. Band broke up around 2007 or 08'. Not sure what projects
members have gone on to, but definitely awesome band to be remembered !

01 Intro - Get Lost
02 No Mind
03 My Boss Is A Jerk
04 Frustration
05 Fun
06 Speed
07 Nowhere
08 School Daze
09 Not For Me
10 USA (Reagan Youth)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Comment - Demo (1987) with tape cover and inner tape art (Los Angeles)

Here is my second non one-track post. Nothing special about the rip,
I took it from their Discography. But the special part about this post
is the cover and inner art. I actually own the tape, bought it right
after it came out at Vinyl Fetish in Hollywood way back when. My
friend Allanfastcore requested that I scan the tape, so here it is in all
it's rarity !

                                                          01 Skin Rape
02 Human Scum
03 World of Difference
04 Modern Moses
05 Guinea Piglet Alone
06 Community Slugs
07 Jugular Scars


Monday, September 19, 2011

Usurper - Demo (2010) Boston

This Demo was sent to me by my bud Mr. Scud, from the extinct band
Scatterbrained. Really good band from Boston area that is currently
done because of band members moving around. One of the dudes in
band sent me the track list, which made it alot easier to split. My friend
 Alex asked to post this one on his blog a few months back (No Punks In 
K-Town blog), which I said no problem. Damn good Demo! Hopefully
this band gets back together at some point, very talented youngsters !

01 Intro - Facial Apocalypse
02 Fuck City
03 Thunderhead
04 Tallow Moss and Bone
                                            05 Glueniverse, Being... Realms
                                            06 Tut Tut, It Looks Like Snakes


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Futile Effort - What's The Use ? Demo (1984) New Jersey

Old Jersey hardcore from the early 80's, great
stuff !

01 Lost It All
02 Give Us A Real Band (Joke's On You)
03 Confusion Running Rampan
04 Am I Punk Yet
05 Have A Nice Day
06 What A Shame
07 Step On Me
08 Looking Forward
09 Peace of Mind
10 I've Got To Stop Smoking
11 I Yam What I Yam
12 Abnormal Member of Society
13 Where Did You Go Wrong
14 Futile


Friday, September 9, 2011

V.A. - A World Divided By Powertrips and Bullshit Politics, Can't We All Just Get Along ! (2009) oldschoolmike

Ok, my first non 1 track post, this is the comp I made in 2009. Tried
to find a label to release this one, but economy was so bad, no label
wanted to put it out. My good bud Mr. Old Fast & Loud helped me
with equalization of sound on this bad boy, and my friend Pat Rubbish
put together the cover art. Thanks a million for the help my fiends !
Also a big thanks to my friend xBonesxBrigadex from All Things Old
School blog in Brazil for posting this comp after it came out, you rock
my friend !

01 Sucked Dry - Give Up (Kansas City)
02 Snake Run - Death Trap (Australia)
03 Sarjan Hassan - Play Fast or Die ! (Malaysia)
04 Antisexy - PxDxMx (Italy)
05 Screwed Up - Abort Your Doubts (Germany)
06 Crippled Fox - Old School or No School (Hungary)
07 Ledge Attack - Game of Skate (Indonesia)
08 Geriatric Unit - Sell-Out (UK)
09 Tiempo Crucial - Ciudadania Enemiga (Chile)
10 Crucial Cause - Blood Money (Bay Area, California)
11 Elasticdeath - The Shaolin Masters Have No Mercy (Brazil)
12 Nomos - The Most Dangerous Game (New York)
13 Tense Reaction - Profit of Doom (Holland)
14 Dogends - I'm Not A Racist - I.W.B.G. (Southern California)
15 Bored Straight - Deaf (Milwaukee, Wiconsin)
                                     16 Damage Repair - You Are But What You Eat (Latvia)
                                                    17 Daddy No! - Culpable (Scotland)
                                                    18 Saywhy - Starec (Czech Republic)
                                                    19 Fun Freaks - Bad Religion (Japan)
                                       20 Ultimate Blowup - Elimination Sequence (Turkey)
                                                 21 Urban Unrest - Rat Race (Finland)
                                              22 Shortlived -Pyrotechnic (New Zealand)
                                   23 S.P.G. (Special Patrol Group) - Absurd Life (New Jersey)
                                      24 Ruidosa Inmundicia - Condiciones Inhumanas (Austria)
                                            25 SmartxBomb - Just Screaming (Macedonia)
                                               26 Evazija - Educate Yourself ! (Croatia)
                                               27 Reminder - Strong Enough (Argentina)
                                      28 Margaret Thrasher - Stagedive King (Siberia, Russia)
                                                 29 Mondo Gecko - Raw Anger (Israel)
                                  30 Forced March - Manifest Catastrophe (Portland, Oregon)
                                      31 GxFxTx (Good Fucking Time) - Must Pay (Lithuania)
                                            32 Jean Mills Society Torch - P.E. (Maryland)
                                       33 Reproach - The L.A.P.D. Can Suck It ! (Belgium)
                                             34 Knuckle Scraper - Cross The Pit (Texas)
                                                      35 Amoba - Kontroll (Sweden)
                                                          36 Archaic - 15 (Virginia)
                                                  37 Coche Bomba - Plastico (France)
                                                 38 Love Potion - Overdose (Denmark)
                                  39 I.O.A. (Infestation Of Ass) - You Call Me Frizzo (Iowa)
                                            40 Pull Out An Eye - P.O.V. Is Crime (Belarus)
                                        41 No Man's Slave - Presription Drugs (Oklahoma)
                                       42 No Minion - Alone and Foresaken (Washington DC)
                                               43 Let's Grow - Zombie Scene (Serbia)
                 44 S.B.V. (Silent But Violent) - The Sunday Collector (San Diego, California)
                                                       45 Varivari - Kanji Title (Japan)
                                                46 Bunny Skulls - Life of Rage (Michigan)
                                       47 Sharon Stoned - No One's Young Twice (Malaysia)
                                         48 Pahaa Verta - Kaikki Irti Elamasta (Finland)
                                             49 Death of President - Revolt (Indonesia)
                                              50 Insugent Rat - Crippled Cop (Sweden)
                                            51 Neon Bitches - Dropout (Rhode Island)
                                             52 Nossa Vinganca - P.Q.S.J.P.S.C. (Brazil)
                                               53 Urban Blight - Breakout (Canada)
                                                54 In I Elden - Aldrig Slutat (Sweden)
                                           55 Straightjacket Nation - The Threat (Australia)
                                           56 Nervous Breakdown - Cut Off (Germany)
                                           57 S.S.F. (Strong So Far) - Meat Free (Poland)
                                              58 Ninpulators - Nincs Isten (Hungary)
                                        59 Demokhratia - Lemssid-Usine A Bombes (Algeria)
                                    60 RxTxEx (Run Time Error) - Captain Trash (Austria)

                                                              Re-posted 10/9/2017