Friday, December 16, 2011

Violent Nun - Demo (2011) Vancouver, Canada

                                  Got this from my friend Mr. Szuk in Vancouver (who is
                                  also in the band R.O.C.). This is his other band Violent Nun,
                                  who rip it up in a fast and viciously explosive way ! Ripping
                                  hardcore from the great white north, with styles of thrash/
                                  crossover/fastcore ! Thanks to Mr. Old Fast & Loud for
                                  raising the volume, and providing the eerie alternate negative
                                  cover of their atwork on this demo ! Check em out, and get in
                                  the pit !!!!!

                                                     01 Goyangi-Soju
                                                     02 Birth Rape
                                                     03 Piece of Meat
                                                     04 Witch Hunt (Dropdead)
                                                     05 Quarterback
                                                     06 Subsidized Sadism
                                                     07 Olympic Gold
                                                     08 Armed Conflict


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