Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wasteaway + Washington Disease - split ep (1993) Norway

Here's the stuff i've been waiting for for a long time ! Next
2 posts are of a band i've been trying to track down for quite
some time, and now it is a reality. Washington Disease was
made up of guys that went on to form Onward, Insurance
Risk, Common Cause, and a few other cool bands i'd
also like to track down. This split with Wasteaway and
their 7'', are the only known recordings I know of, not
sure if they made a Demo. Not familiar with Wasteaway,
but would also like to find other releases by them. Next
post is their 7'', a must have !!!!!

01 Wasteaway - As I See It
02 Wasteaway - New Start
03 Wasteaway - Rimi
04 Washington Disease - Confrontation
05 Washington Disease - Not In Here
06 Washington Disease - Take Control
07 Washington Disease - Sleep of Reason

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