Saturday, December 17, 2011

R.O.C. (Retards On Caffeine) - The Sum of All Beers 7'' (2010) Vancouver, Canada

Here is the 7'' from R.O.C., this thing shreds !!!!! As I explained
in the previous post, these guys are heavily influenced by fast
crossover/fastcore, with definite inspiration from bands like
D.F.A., S.O.D. and the such. My friend Szuk is in this band, as well
as in Violent Nun, and hopefully we might see them again in the
future ! There last show is coming up soon ! If you like thrash/
thrashcore/fastcore/crossover, you need this gem of gold for
your collection !!!!! Play loud, it will make you stage dive
off your couch, bed or whatever furniture is in close vicinity ! :)

01 Thrash Your Way To A Better You
02 Burger Shots
03 Drain The Lizard
04 Gruber Miester
05 S.U.I.
06 R.O.C.
07 Couch Mosh
08 Rape The Pavement
09 Surf Heil
10 Hurry Up Let's Skate
11 Ballad of Darth Vader
12 Ballad of Farrah Fawcett
13 Ballad of Michael Jackson