Saturday, December 17, 2011

R.O.C. (Retards On Caffeine) - Last Call Tape (2011) Vancouver, Canada

Here is my friend Mr. Szuk's first band R.O.C. They play a fast
crossover style in the same vein as D.F.A. and/or ealy Municipal
Waste. Really awesome underated band that not alot of people
know about. This is scheduled to be their last release, last show
will take place very soon in Kamloops with their good friends
and split mates (on Young Fucks On Caffeine split) Young
Oppression. These guys blew me away first time I heard em,
ripping fast and killer, definitely check em out ! Next post
will be their 7'', also a raging crossover masterpiece !

01 Hail Skatan
02 Jagerbomber
03 Kinky Kung-Fu
04 Blast Beat For Your Kids
05 Loose & Sloppy
06 The Sum of All Beers
07 Too Fast My Ass
08 Nie Gramy Na Punkty
09 Wizards
10 Milk (S.O.D.)

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