Monday, December 26, 2011

Washington Disease - No Need To Care 7'' (1993) pre-Onward/Insurance Risk (Norway)

Here is the long awaited 7'' i've been searching for since my
good bud in Norway told me about these guys. Members went
on to the great Onward and almighty Insurace Risk ! This 7''
does not disappoint, fast and ripping hardcore like the bands
they formed afterwards. This ep is essential for all collectors of
hardcore !!!!! Thanks a million to my friend in Norway, who's
name escapes me at the moment, good god my brain is old ! :)
Anyway, here you go !!!!!

01 How Many Reasons
02 No Need To Care
03 Vacant Minds
04 Coward
05 Tears
06 Pushed
07 Nothing To Give - Negative Attitude
08 Cold World
09 On The Surface
10 Learning
11 Sad To See

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