Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Godstomper/Rob Halford - split tape (not much info on this tape)

New link posted 09-09-2015

                              This one is pretty damn rare ! My good bud from the Northern
                               regions of Sweden, specifically PiteĆ„, sent me this crucial must-
                               have tape he happened to somehow find recently. He also split
                               the tracks on this epic rarity, thank you big time Brother !
                               Anyway, the information on this split tape is pretty much non
                               existent, so I have no idea what the tracklist or date of release are.
                               I did see it mentioned on Godstomper's discography page, with
                               a small picture of the cover, but can't for the life of me find any
                               more information on this tape. If anyone that downloads this
                               split has any more info about it, please send my way. No further
                               waiting, i'm gonna shut up now ! What are you waiting for, grab
                               this totally kick-ass rarity !!!!!


Godstomper/Fear Of God - Fear Of Godstomper split 7'' (2001) U.S.-Switzerland

New link posted 09-09-2015 

                               Here is a somewhat rare one to find from early 2000's.
                               Found this as 2 tracks, Side A and Side B. Recently i've
                               been on a quest to find some of the more rare Godstomper
                               releases. Still looking for quite a few, but here's one I found
                               just yesterday. This split is with Swiss grind legends Fear
                               Of God. The next post is even more rare, so get ready !!!!!

                               01 Godstomper - Among The Living (Anthrax)
                               02 Godstomper - Gorganized Dorks (Agathocles)
                               03 Godstomper - The Kill (Napalm Death)
                               04 Godstomper - Cock Rock Alienation
                               05 Fear Of God - Two Sides of The Coin
                               06 Fear Of God - My Hands Deep In Your Guts
                               07 Fear Of God - God
                               08 Fear Of God - 7 Up
                               09 Fear Of God - Which Way
                               10 Fear Of God - O.S.L.
                               11 Fear Of God - Could Be Fatal
                               12 Fear Of God - No Harmonies, No Sense
                               13 Fear Of God - Trouble Maker
                               14 Fear Of God - The Kill (Napalm Death)
                               15 Fear Of God - Outro


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grump - Demo (2013) Halifax, Nova Scotia

                            New Demo from the great white north of Nova Scotia. A
                            couple of the guys in this band are friends of mine, and they
                            are in so many cool bands from Halifax ! Here's a few of
                            the bands these guys are or were in: Envision, Word On The
                            Street, Castle Wolfenstein, Criminal Intent, Abject Pax, Bricks,
                            Cold Shoulder, Concrete Asylum, Sleight, Negative Reply,
                            Negative Circles, and probably a ton more bands either I
                            can't remember, haven't heard yet, or were created in the last
                            24 hours :) Needless to say, these guys keep themselves busy
                            playing in an insane amount of bands ! Now that's hardcore !
                            Keepin' it real in Halifax for sure ! Anyway, here is their new
                            band Grump, and it does not disappoint ! A mix of alot of styles,
                            Grump plays a slighly distorted, slighly crusty raw hardcore sound,
                            a sound that is gaining popularity these days in alot of places and
                            scenes. Long story short, this Demo freakin' rules !!!!! Very
                            impressed with this new band, they have mastered the raw HC
                            sound !!!!!

                           01 Imminent Premonition
                           02 Devil's Agenda
                           03 Empty Lungs
                           04 Lethal Threshold
                           05 SPQR (Tribal Hangover)


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Avon Ladies - Five (5) cassette (2012) Arizona

                              Second to last release by Chris Erba's Avon Ladies. The self
                              titled 7'' is their last release, not sure if it's out yet, but the band
                              is done. Didn't know about this tape til a few days ago when I
                              saw it for download. Side A and Side B are the same songs, but
                              different recordings of them. Found this as 2 tracks, and found
                              tape info on discogs. These guys were great ! Noisey, aggressive,
                              distorted hardcore, forged from the depths of Erba's earlier
                              Cleveland projects such as H100s, Upstab, and Ruiners. Avon
                              Ladies had their own style and grace, different, yet taking elements
                              from Cleveland's older and abusive awesome sound ! Avon Ladies
                              will definitely be missed ! Hopefully we'll see a new project
                              come out of the ashes of this killer band !!!!!

                                  A01 2 for $15
                                  A02 Sideways Shuffle
                                  A03 Street Lit
                                  A04 Limitless
                                  A05 Break and Enter
                                  A06 Turned Tables
                                  B01 2 for $15
                                  B02 Sideways Shuffle
                                  B03 Street Lit
                                  B04 Limitless
                                  B05 Break and Enter
                                  B06 Turned Tables

                                                              Reposted 6/26/2016 


Monday, February 11, 2013

Stressors - End Times cassette (2012) San Ramon, California

                              Here's one from the almighty Stressors from the Bay Area !
                              Came out last year before one of their Tours. Must have
                              missed this release, as I just found it the other day. Came as
                              1 track. The post I got it from said they were too lazy to split
                              it, so I was very happy to do the work myself :) Stressors bring
                              a fast early 80's vibe to their music, with the addition of some
                              90's/2000's fastcore stylings. I fucking love this band !!!!! 
                              Another true Bay Area classic ! Rumor is that they are all done,
                              but I really hope that is just a false rumor, cause these dudes have
                              mass-potential to shred for a long time to come !

                              01 Hazardous Material
                              02 Psychotic Break
                              03 Disingenuous
                              04 I Live Alone
                              05 Possession
                              06 Negative Pressure
                              07 Medicine - Stressed Out
                              08 Bile
                              09 Mind Death