Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grump - Demo (2013) Halifax, Nova Scotia

                            New Demo from the great white north of Nova Scotia. A
                            couple of the guys in this band are friends of mine, and they
                            are in so many cool bands from Halifax ! Here's a few of
                            the bands these guys are or were in: Envision, Word On The
                            Street, Castle Wolfenstein, Criminal Intent, Abject Pax, Bricks,
                            Cold Shoulder, Concrete Asylum, Sleight, Negative Reply,
                            Negative Circles, and probably a ton more bands either I
                            can't remember, haven't heard yet, or were created in the last
                            24 hours :) Needless to say, these guys keep themselves busy
                            playing in an insane amount of bands ! Now that's hardcore !
                            Keepin' it real in Halifax for sure ! Anyway, here is their new
                            band Grump, and it does not disappoint ! A mix of alot of styles,
                            Grump plays a slighly distorted, slighly crusty raw hardcore sound,
                            a sound that is gaining popularity these days in alot of places and
                            scenes. Long story short, this Demo freakin' rules !!!!! Very
                            impressed with this new band, they have mastered the raw HC
                            sound !!!!!

                           01 Imminent Premonition
                           02 Devil's Agenda
                           03 Empty Lungs
                           04 Lethal Threshold
                           05 SPQR (Tribal Hangover)


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