Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Godstomper/Fear Of God - Fear Of Godstomper split 7'' (2001) U.S.-Switzerland

New link posted 09-09-2015 

                               Here is a somewhat rare one to find from early 2000's.
                               Found this as 2 tracks, Side A and Side B. Recently i've
                               been on a quest to find some of the more rare Godstomper
                               releases. Still looking for quite a few, but here's one I found
                               just yesterday. This split is with Swiss grind legends Fear
                               Of God. The next post is even more rare, so get ready !!!!!

                               01 Godstomper - Among The Living (Anthrax)
                               02 Godstomper - Gorganized Dorks (Agathocles)
                               03 Godstomper - The Kill (Napalm Death)
                               04 Godstomper - Cock Rock Alienation
                               05 Fear Of God - Two Sides of The Coin
                               06 Fear Of God - My Hands Deep In Your Guts
                               07 Fear Of God - God
                               08 Fear Of God - 7 Up
                               09 Fear Of God - Which Way
                               10 Fear Of God - O.S.L.
                               11 Fear Of God - Could Be Fatal
                               12 Fear Of God - No Harmonies, No Sense
                               13 Fear Of God - Trouble Maker
                               14 Fear Of God - The Kill (Napalm Death)
                               15 Fear Of God - Outro