Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Godstomper/Rob Halford - split tape (not much info on this tape)

New link posted 09-09-2015

                              This one is pretty damn rare ! My good bud from the Northern
                               regions of Sweden, specifically Piteå, sent me this crucial must-
                               have tape he happened to somehow find recently. He also split
                               the tracks on this epic rarity, thank you big time Brother !
                               Anyway, the information on this split tape is pretty much non
                               existent, so I have no idea what the tracklist or date of release are.
                               I did see it mentioned on Godstomper's discography page, with
                               a small picture of the cover, but can't for the life of me find any
                               more information on this tape. If anyone that downloads this
                               split has any more info about it, please send my way. No further
                               waiting, i'm gonna shut up now ! What are you waiting for, grab
                               this totally kick-ass rarity !!!!!


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