Sunday, February 17, 2013

Avon Ladies - Five (5) cassette (2012) Arizona

                              Second to last release by Chris Erba's Avon Ladies. The self
                              titled 7'' is their last release, not sure if it's out yet, but the band
                              is done. Didn't know about this tape til a few days ago when I
                              saw it for download. Side A and Side B are the same songs, but
                              different recordings of them. Found this as 2 tracks, and found
                              tape info on discogs. These guys were great ! Noisey, aggressive,
                              distorted hardcore, forged from the depths of Erba's earlier
                              Cleveland projects such as H100s, Upstab, and Ruiners. Avon
                              Ladies had their own style and grace, different, yet taking elements
                              from Cleveland's older and abusive awesome sound ! Avon Ladies
                              will definitely be missed ! Hopefully we'll see a new project
                              come out of the ashes of this killer band !!!!!

                                  A01 2 for $15
                                  A02 Sideways Shuffle
                                  A03 Street Lit
                                  A04 Limitless
                                  A05 Break and Enter
                                  A06 Turned Tables
                                  B01 2 for $15
                                  B02 Sideways Shuffle
                                  B03 Street Lit
                                  B04 Limitless
                                  B05 Break and Enter
                                  B06 Turned Tables

                                                              Reposted 6/26/2016 



  1. There is already a new side project from these dudes! It's called Spite. I don't know if they have a demo or anything yet. Hopefully soon.


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