Monday, February 11, 2013

Stressors - End Times cassette (2012) San Ramon, California

                              Here's one from the almighty Stressors from the Bay Area !
                              Came out last year before one of their Tours. Must have
                              missed this release, as I just found it the other day. Came as
                              1 track. The post I got it from said they were too lazy to split
                              it, so I was very happy to do the work myself :) Stressors bring
                              a fast early 80's vibe to their music, with the addition of some
                              90's/2000's fastcore stylings. I fucking love this band !!!!! 
                              Another true Bay Area classic ! Rumor is that they are all done,
                              but I really hope that is just a false rumor, cause these dudes have
                              mass-potential to shred for a long time to come !

                              01 Hazardous Material
                              02 Psychotic Break
                              03 Disingenuous
                              04 I Live Alone
                              05 Possession
                              06 Negative Pressure
                              07 Medicine - Stressed Out
                              08 Bile
                              09 Mind Death



  1. Sorry for the offtopic, but: could you reupload Say Goodbye - WERS session 2005? The first and the fifth tracks in the archive aren't unzipped. Thanks in advance.

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