Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The GOP - England Sucks 7'' (2005) Portland, Oregon

                      My friend from Los Crustaceos in Chile asked me about this band,
                      never heard of them until today.
                      Many thanks to xrobotodox, this EP rules !!!!!
                      Also many thanks to violenttumor (from his You Tube page) !!!!!
                      Very reminiscent of early DC, ala Teen Idles, Youth Brigade, and
                      Government Issue.
                      This EP took me right back to 80-81', totally freakin' awesome !!!!!
                      01 England Sucks
                      02 West Linn
                      03 Portland Politics
                      04 Who We Are


Monday, May 16, 2016

Banal - Demo (2016) Montreal-Québec, Canada

                                    New skull stompers from the Canadian region of Québec.
                                    As time passes on, new blood seems to be spreading in 
                                    somewhat of a worldwide proportion.
                                    The grindcore & powerviolence community has grown
                                    greatly in the last few years, seeing loads of new bands
                                    popping up daily. :)
                                    Great to see the world not just conforming to the norm,
                                    cause it would be an epic shame if everyone just listened
                                    to crap like Britney Spears ! :)
                                    Banal take on the sound of rage and protest, like more bands
                                    should in this age of world downfall and domination.
                                    It's great to hear bands that speak their minds, are not in it
                                    for the money, and just out their to have genuine fun !
                                    Wish there were more bands like this in the world !
                                    Anyway, these guys are new, pissed, and sounds like they
                                    are ready to destroy !
                                    All great qualities in the world of Hardcore ! :)
                                    Turn up the volume and check these youngsters out !
                                    Great new Demo !

                                    01 Figurativement
                                    02 Pris dans l'engrenage
                                    03 L'âge de pyrite d'or
                                    04 Coin de rue
                                    05 La différence entre parler et agir
                                    06 L'art de se couper l'herbe sous le pied - Outro

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Self Inflicted - Rapid Onslaught Sequence Cassette (2014) Oakland

                         Loved these Oakland ragers since they first started !
                         My friend Damien was in this band, as well as Violent Opposition,
                         Lie Still, Strains Of The Apocalypse, Paranoid Freak Out, and probably
                         more i'm not mentioning or aware of.
                         Self Inflicted are probably my favorite of all his bands, but they all
                         rule !!!!!
                         This one must have slipped by me, a friend on Soulseek sent me a You
                         Tube link for this crusher !
                         I have all their other releases I think, but this one is a definite huge
                         surprise for me !
                         Extraordinarily epic tape, absolute masterpiece !!!!!

                         01 Burden
                         02 Hate Is My Religion
                         03 Symbols Of Torture
                         04 Virtual Reality
                         05 Utopia Enforced
                         06 Simple Solutions
                         07 Fuck The Poor
                         08 How Big Is God's Dick?


FAMOUSxPERSON - Demo (2015) California

                       Northern California PV attack !
                       These guys are pretty new to the scene, and definitely know what's up !
                       They'll be on an upcoming compilation i'm working on for No Marco
                       Hail from an area I used to live in, gotta love that ! :)
                       Awesome new Demo, get some !!!!!

                       01 Fuck The Safety Corridor
                       02 Hamburger Buns
                       03 Assumption Guy
                       04 LVM
                       05 MOSHxDOUCHE
                       06 Generic Grind Song
                       07 Roadkill Funeral
                       08 Bleu Cheese
                       09 Weed Fairy