Saturday, May 14, 2016

FAMOUSxPERSON - Demo (2015) California

                       Northern California PV attack !
                       These guys are pretty new to the scene, and definitely know what's up !
                       They'll be on an upcoming compilation i'm working on for No Marco
                       Hail from an area I used to live in, gotta love that ! :)
                       Awesome new Demo, get some !!!!!

                       01 Fuck The Safety Corridor
                       02 Hamburger Buns
                       03 Assumption Guy
                       04 LVM
                       05 MOSHxDOUCHE
                       06 Generic Grind Song
                       07 Roadkill Funeral
                       08 Bleu Cheese
                       09 Weed Fairy


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