Saturday, May 14, 2016

Self Inflicted - Rapid Onslaught Sequence Cassette (2014) Oakland

                         Loved these Oakland ragers since they first started !
                         My friend Damien was in this band, as well as Violent Opposition,
                         Lie Still, Strains Of The Apocalypse, Paranoid Freak Out, and probably
                         more i'm not mentioning or aware of.
                         Self Inflicted are probably my favorite of all his bands, but they all
                         rule !!!!!
                         This one must have slipped by me, a friend on Soulseek sent me a You
                         Tube link for this crusher !
                         I have all their other releases I think, but this one is a definite huge
                         surprise for me !
                         Extraordinarily epic tape, absolute masterpiece !!!!!

                         01 Burden
                         02 Hate Is My Religion
                         03 Symbols Of Torture
                         04 Virtual Reality
                         05 Utopia Enforced
                         06 Simple Solutions
                         07 Fuck The Poor
                         08 How Big Is God's Dick?


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