Monday, May 16, 2016

Banal - Demo (2016) Montreal-Québec, Canada

                                    New skull stompers from the Canadian region of Québec.
                                    As time passes on, new blood seems to be spreading in 
                                    somewhat of a worldwide proportion.
                                    The grindcore & powerviolence community has grown
                                    greatly in the last few years, seeing loads of new bands
                                    popping up daily. :)
                                    Great to see the world not just conforming to the norm,
                                    cause it would be an epic shame if everyone just listened
                                    to crap like Britney Spears ! :)
                                    Banal take on the sound of rage and protest, like more bands
                                    should in this age of world downfall and domination.
                                    It's great to hear bands that speak their minds, are not in it
                                    for the money, and just out their to have genuine fun !
                                    Wish there were more bands like this in the world !
                                    Anyway, these guys are new, pissed, and sounds like they
                                    are ready to destroy !
                                    All great qualities in the world of Hardcore ! :)
                                    Turn up the volume and check these youngsters out !
                                    Great new Demo !

                                    01 Figurativement
                                    02 Pris dans l'engrenage
                                    03 L'âge de pyrite d'or
                                    04 Coin de rue
                                    05 La différence entre parler et agir
                                    06 L'art de se couper l'herbe sous le pied - Outro

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