Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bad Blood - Tape (2014) Washington

                                 Don't know much about this band, just know they are good !
                                 It's on Not Normal Tapes, so it's gotta be good, right ?
                                 That would be a yes, haha, i'm just agreeing with myself :)
                                 Highly recommended !
                                 Grab it !!!!!

                                 01 Catch A Bad One
                                 02 Piss Break
                                 03 Mono-Scented Freak
                                 04 Can't Stand It
                                 05 View of The Road
                                 06 Regional Slump
                                 07 Steak & Eggs
                                 08 The Wednesday Night Spectacle


Friday, September 19, 2014

Ugly Parts - Wet cassette (2014) New Jersey

                             Haven't posted in a while, been going through life stuff, as
                             that happens occasionally to us all for the most part :)
                             Been noticing blogs not posting lately, or just quitting all
                             together. Blogs not as raging these days as they were a
                             few years back :)
                             Looks like I need to keep the blog spirit going ! :)
                             So for my first post back, here's a good one !
                             New Jersey's Ugly Parts have been around a few years,
                             I always thought they were really good !
                             I think they might be members of other bands ? Someone
                             mentioned Razorheads to me, but i'm not sure ?
                             Raw hardcore, with a good ugly & angry edge !
                             Mid-paced to fast tunes of killer pure sweat-filled aggression
                             & rage !
                             They put out a Demo and EP prior to this release, but the new
                             cassette in my opinion is the best release so far !
                             They've progressed since the last EP in a big way !
                             I highly highly recommend this tape, it's totally freakin' awesome !!!!!

                             01 Me
                             02 Hospital
                             03 Sock Full of Krylon
                             04 Shithead
                             05 Mickey
                             06 Violent Mind
                             07 Eyes

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rupture - Those Marijuana Mushroom Moments tape (1992) Australia

                                        Originally posted August 27, 2011

                   These last 2 posts are rare old Rupture tapes with recordings from their 
                 original Demos, Rehearsals, and Live recordings. Both tapes released as a 
                  box set back in the 90's. If you read the post before this, this is the other 
                  rare tape by Rupture I split and edited. This tape was originally 83 tracks.
                  One track was missing from Side A, and one from Side B, 38 Why Pt. 1 
                  and track 83 The Game (Infest cover). Enjoy !

                                        Reposted Links 03-25-2017

                                      Side A (mushroom frenzy side) 

                                      Side B (fucken cone-a-thon side)

Rupture - Fuck Your Life tape 90-93' (1993) Australia

                                          Originally posted August 27, 2011

I recieved this tape as 2 tracks (Side A & Side B) from Gen, who
was in the band Ruido. This rare tape, as well as another i'm about to put
up next, were ripped by Zach from xBrainiax. 71 tracks of compiled
recordings that Rupture released as a tape in 93'. Needless to say, took a
while to split and edit properly, but well worth it if you're a fan of Rupture !
Track list included in download. This was posted on Velha Escola Nova
Escola blog a few months back, but without my knowledge, dude
downloaded it from my personal files.

Reposted Links 03-25-2017

Side A

                                                                            Side B