Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rupture - Those Marijuana Mushroom Moments tape (1992) Australia

                                        Originally posted August 27, 2011

                   These last 2 posts are rare old Rupture tapes with recordings from their 
                 original Demos, Rehearsals, and Live recordings. Both tapes released as a 
                  box set back in the 90's. If you read the post before this, this is the other 
                  rare tape by Rupture I split and edited. This tape was originally 83 tracks.
                  One track was missing from Side A, and one from Side B, 38 Why Pt. 1 
                  and track 83 The Game (Infest cover). Enjoy !

                                        Reposted Links 03-25-2017

                                      Side A (mushroom frenzy side) 

                                      Side B (fucken cone-a-thon side)

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