Friday, September 19, 2014

Ugly Parts - Wet cassette (2014) New Jersey

                             Haven't posted in a while, been going through life stuff, as
                             that happens occasionally to us all for the most part :)
                             Been noticing blogs not posting lately, or just quitting all
                             together. Blogs not as raging these days as they were a
                             few years back :)
                             Looks like I need to keep the blog spirit going ! :)
                             So for my first post back, here's a good one !
                             New Jersey's Ugly Parts have been around a few years,
                             I always thought they were really good !
                             I think they might be members of other bands ? Someone
                             mentioned Razorheads to me, but i'm not sure ?
                             Raw hardcore, with a good ugly & angry edge !
                             Mid-paced to fast tunes of killer pure sweat-filled aggression
                             & rage !
                             They put out a Demo and EP prior to this release, but the new
                             cassette in my opinion is the best release so far !
                             They've progressed since the last EP in a big way !
                             I highly highly recommend this tape, it's totally freakin' awesome !!!!!

                             01 Me
                             02 Hospital
                             03 Sock Full of Krylon
                             04 Shithead
                             05 Mickey
                             06 Violent Mind
                             07 Eyes

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