Sunday, March 3, 2013

V.A. - There Is No Way Out... Vol. 2 (2006) Puzzle Records

                              Ok, now that the blog is 100% repaired, time to start posting
                              regularly ! Here is the the second There Is No Way Out comp,
                              I edited the 3rd one a few months back, still looking for the
                              first comp in this series. Have to thank Yacoepsae for this one,
                              it was on their bandcamp as 2 tracks, Side A & Side B. As I
                              began editing this one, I realised that Yacoepsae posted Side A
                              as Side B, and Side B as A. So I had to begin editing a second
                              time. Fortunately I caught the mistake before I edited more of
                              comp. This series is awesome ! Alot of bands i've never heard of
                              that actually are very good ! Some of the bands are different styles,
                              from metal to hardcore to grind to even some alternative sounds.
                              Good variety of stuff on this comp, but mostly powerviolence
                              and grind. Love HC Euro comps, and comps from everywhere,
                              this is a definite rager !!!!!

                              Side A
                              01 Eat Unda Table - Subliminal Thoughts Keep Us Awake
                              02 The Target - Let's Get Things Straight
                              03 The Target - Too Cool To Suck
                              04 Destroyer - Ey Du Arsch
                              05 Destroyer - Push It Good
                              06 Destroyer - Scumbags Like You Are Scum
                              07 Destroyer - Suicide Maniac
                              08 Tyrant Pearl - Mirror
                              09 Colina - Colina
                              10 The Disturbers - You Make Me Sick
                              11 Go! - Just Say Go!
                              12 Go! - You Say You'll
                              13 Go! - A Day To Fight For
                              14 Go! - The Dead Ones
                              15 Go! - Escape From NY
                              16 What Never Dies - Behind The Curtain
                              17 Paradox Backlash - Sharks Goddamn
                              18 Paradox Backlash - Fighting The Giant King Kidney In The
                              Empire of Hypocrites (The Last Cause)
                              19 Paradox Backlash - The Great Freezing
                              20 Paradox Backlash - Fuck Your Gang Mentality
                              21 Paradox Backlash - Just Me - Life's a...
                              22 Paradox Backlash - Guestlist Surfing
                              23 Shafott - Epitome Of A Venus
                              24 Piazza Dropout - Simple Plan
                              25 Piazza Dropout - First Class
                              26 Piazza Dropout - Definition
                              27 Piazza Dropout - Fuck Off And Die
                              28 Nihil Obstat - Maschinenhetz

                              Side B

                              29 Enraged By Beauty - Spit
                              30 Yacoepsae - Koechenmesser
                              31 Yacoepsae - Amerikkka
                              32 Yacoepsae - Kreislaufkollaps
                              33 Yacoepsae - Vernichtung
                              34 Yacoepsae - Schutzfunktion - I Hate You (Verbal Abuse)
                              35 The Missing Shadows - Ace In A Day
                              36 Vatikan Riots - Hellfire Club
                              37 Elision - Cold At Night
                              38 Chance To Rise - Right For Us
                              39 The Italian Stallion - To Death Before Disco (aka Bombs Over
                              40 Save Yourself - Nine
                              41 Save Yourself - Worst Case First
                              42 Cave Canem - Risse In Fundament
                              43 Noble Cause - Rip Off
                              44 Noble Cause - Strings
                              45 Shimetsu - 13
                              46 Shimetsu - 14
                              47 Shimetsu - 06
                              48 Shimetsu - 10
                              49 Prendergast - A New Day
                              50 Burt - Suizidhassfigur
                              51 No - Scars
                              52 Faustmoerder - Der Faustpfand
                              53 An Wasted - Szeneputzen
                              54 An Wasted - Stop Your Empty Back Up Screamings



  1. all volumes:

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      I already edited and posted Vol. 3 in January, looking for Vol. 1.

  2. i already posted the link to vol.1 above ;-)

    1. Ah, ok, I see, my bad :) Thank you for the link my friend, i'll start working on this one today. Thank you, I really appreciate !!!!!

  3. Hello Mike!

    It's Robin Wallride here from Soulseek. So fucking long since I heard from you! I couldn't find you on SS either so...

    How are you?

    I have a new Hardcorepunk band called Latest Fashion I think you might like, pretty fast oldschool stuff:) We are soon about to release our first LP so if you like Latest Fashion We would be so stoked if you spread the word about us in the USA! We could use some coverage because we're pretty new-started.

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  4. Yea Ditto on Robin's reply! Where's that fountain of punk wisdom OSMX2??? Man you have up and vanished and i hope everything is still going well with you! Drop us a line or sign on soon!

    aka Sterilizer