Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stetz - 22 Song Demo (82 or 83?) New Jersey

Here is one I ripped a few years ago, from my ancient collection.
Other blogs have posted this in the past, but all of them used my rip.
I sent away for this one back in either 82' or 83', trying to jog my old
brain to remember. Anyhow, I actually found the letter and envelope
this tape came in the other day, and was amazed at all the cool art &
stuff that came with it ! So glad I kept this stuff ! Time to start digging
upmore anchient shit, I know I have more cool shit hiding in old
closets and boxes. But back to Stetz, this tape and the art I posted
are all included in the download, including the letter Brian Sommer
sent me a million ages ago ! Classic 80's New Jersey hardcore, if
you don't have this one, what are you waiting for, grab it !!!!!

01 A Man With No Purpose To Live
02 Union
03 Live, Love & Fight
04 East Coast Slamming
05 Kean College
06 Jo-Jo
07 Machine Gun Mary
08 Money
09 Suburban Nightmare
10 Dreamer
11 Tattoo I Hate You
12 Anarchy Sucks
13 You're Fired
14 Jail Term
15 Anthem
16 Top Secret
17 His Life's So Tough
18 Nuclear War
19 Ain't Gonna Be In No Army
20 Looking For Somewhere To Play
21 Another Hard Guys With Trans Ams Suck Song
22 Good Ole Rock n' Roll (aka- Surfing & Slamming)

P.S. - If you are out there Brian Sommer, hit me up ! According
to my letter from 82' or 83', you still owe me 2 bucks :) Hahaha,
if any of the Stetz guys are out there, please contact me, like to
get in touch with you guys and shoot the shit about the old days !